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Cape Town is officially experiencing 4 seasons in one day and I never know what to wear. One minute I’m freezing and the next minute I’m boiling. The cooler weather has inspired some Winter purchases so I thought I would share them with you…

These ankle boots are from Edgars and they’re so comfortable

These boots are from Zoom and were really reasonably priced. It’s a pity they aren’t 100% leather. I’m still searching for the perfect leather boot.

This Tote bag is fantastic as it’s big enough for carrying everything I need.

I went to the launch of Mio the other day. You may be familiar with the Mama Mio range and now they’ve also launched Mio for women who aren’t mom’s or expectant moms. We were given this gorgeous Exhilarating Shower Gel. It has fast become one of my favourites. The peppermint in it does exactly what it says: Exhilirating!

This Essie nail polish is still viable even though I feel like Mint and Turquoise colours are more for Spring and Summer. It’s my last few coats before I swop these colours for plums and deeper, darker shades.

Colour: Turquoise & Caicos

There is nothing more inspiring than fresh gym wear. Brasilfit have some of the very best and I am in love with their colourful range. Their new Winter range is out too, so have a look here.

My boyfriends mom gave me this beautiful Evil Eye pendant that she has had for years. How special? I now wear with it my little Angel Heart I never take off. It is for protection and has become quite sentimental. I popped it onto the silver necklace I have with my blue heart. The colours all work well together.

In other news… I fly out to Durban tonight to film another few inserts for the Expresso Show. I’m loving being a guest presenter and I return on Thursday morning ahead of a very important Fashion Press Launch I’m involved in. I can’t tell you much more, but details are coming soon.

Happy Tuesday and Happy April Fools Day! I am normally such a sucker… I wake up, check my phone and wake up to those pranking messages that I think are real because I’m still half asleep and I haven’t realised what the date is.

This time I’m ready! Even if I have to pop a Post It note on my phone reminding me: “April Fools!”

I hope I don’t get too caught out today! I haven’t come up with any pranks to do on people yet, but perhaps I’ll feel inspired before midday today.

What are some pranks you’ve done or received?

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