Join me for a 6 Week Challenge with The Movement Empire

I am 6 weeks away from turning the big 4-0. Forty baby! Wow.

Admittedly, and not something you would have seen, so I’ll have to write it here, but after writing that sentence above, I paused. I watched the cursor blink at me as I saw the word forty staring back at me and it felt strange.

Perhaps it’s society that has made women feel like 40 is “old” and “the end.” Forty for a man feels so different to forty for a woman. However, I’m happy that things are turning and I’m seeing more of: “forty is the new thirty.” 😉

I also feel like I am constantly evolving and things that used to bug me, no longer do, which is great. I’m feeling more confident in aspects of my life and I often think: gosh, if I’d only felt like this when I was in my twenties. Those are the lessons in age, right?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t having a bit of a wobble turning 40, but I remember a similar feeling when I was 29 on the brink of turning 30, and my thirties turned into one of my best decades, so how exciting to see what this decade holds.
Birthdays are a privilege. Not everyone gets to be the number we are and for that very reason, I have changed my attitude towards my age and my birthday and want to celebrate each year.

I also created a personal goal for myself that I would enter the new decade feeling good about myself. That means being kinder to myself, and treating my body with love and respect. I may be having a “wobble” turning 40, but I don’t want to wobble into the new decade! Ha! Kidding. I simply want to feel fit, healthy and happy on my special day.

When I saw that The Movement Empire had a 6 week challenge, that felt perfect for me.

I’ve chosen the RECONNECT 6 Week Challenge and I thought I’d share more:

I love that the workouts are between 15-30 minutes, 3 x a week. That really feels doable, even for the busiest person.

Thing is, I know myself when it comes to exercise and consistency. I need accountability and support, and that’s why I thought it would be really fun to open this 6 week challenge up to you, so we could do it together.

The Movement Empire have been very generous in offering 40% off the program, when you use my code BAILEY40 at checkout. How cool?

We will be starting on the 2nd of January, so don’t delay in your sign up.

This is the perfect way to start the New Year off well, RECONNECT with yourself and your body and know that you’re not alone because you and I will be supporting each other.

I’ll be creating The Daily Bailey group. I promise not to spam you – I know how many Whatsapp groups you’re on already. It’s purely for us to get inspired, encourage each other and be motivated before each workout with our Head Coach @ryan_botha.

PLUS you’ll stand a chance of winning R 3,000.00 in Under Armour gear if you complete the 6-Week Challenge! Think about it, it’s just 18 workouts to complete, and you’ll feel fitter, stronger and better.

These pics below are when I first started The Movement Empire last year, while I was in Greece.

Another cool thing about this, is you can be ANYWHERE in the world and you can join me.

Here’s how to sign up:

Go onto: The Movement Empire (it is best if you do it on your desktop/laptop, but mobile is possible.)

Please select the 6 Week Reconnect Challenge.

If you’re doing this on your mobile, click on the Detail Drop Down to add your BAILEY40 code.

Voila! You can do the workouts on the website!

Here’s How I’ll be doing it:

On the 1 January, I’ll take a “Before” photo. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a swimsuit – I know that’s the norm, however, I want you to do what’s comfortable for you. Perhaps you have a pair of jeans you’d like to fit into, or you’d like to feel and look better in a certain dress. Take a “Before” photo that works for you!

I personally will be taking a photo in a bikini (that’s for my personal use), and a photo of myself in a pair of jeans I’d really like to look better in.

I’m also going to measure myself. I’ll measure my hips, around my belly button part of my tummy, my biceps and my thighs. I find this to be the best way to check my progress vs the scale.

You’re welcome to stand on the scale and get your weight (but please know that the number on the scale fluctuates for various reasons, like water retention, hormones, muscle tone and so on.) In the past, I have felt very demotivated when I’ve stood on the scale and seen 100 gram differences, up or down. The measuring system of seeing cm’s go down is much better for me.

On the 2nd of January, which is a Monday – I’ll start the first workout and will send the first message out on the Whatsapp group. I’m setting my workouts to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I know I just need 15-30 minutes, so I’ll be marking it off in my diary as a meeting so that I prioritise myself.

At 3 weeks, I’ll take another photo and measure myself and the same at 6 weeks.

I am really excited about this challenge and I’d love you to join me.

So… who’s with me?

Sign up here:

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