Mermaid for Ruby

As a little girl, one of my favourite movies (besides The Sound of Music) was Splash with Daryl Hannah. I so badly wanted to be a mermaid. I used to lie in the bath, squeeze my legs together and fan out my feet pretending it was a tail and splash around. Mom was never too impressed because after that, there tended to be more water on the bathroom floor than in the bath.

I received an email from Ruby, an independent Cape Town based jewellery & lingerie brand telling me that I had been one of six chosen to be in a photo shoot. What an honour.

Their jewellery collection houses a number of different styles reflecting different “personalities” and is sold at YDE.  We were invited to choose an inner feminine archetype/ alter ego/ persona. Examples were given such as: Geisha, Diva, Elf, Flower Child, Goth, Bird, Marie Antoinette, Siren, Witch, Nymph/lover, Lady of Leisure, Activist, Totem Animal, African, Mermaid, Pandora, Earth Mother… I jumped at the opportunity to be turned into a Mermaid for the day.

We were first to go to Enmasse for a Thai Massage and a cup of speciality tea. Yes Please!!

It was amazing. I combined the teas: A Devils Advocate (ginger and chilli) with Hot Cross Bun Chai – so refreshing, with a slight chilli kick but also so comforting.

After we had a relaxing time at Enmasse, we made our way to the Wembley Studios for hair, make-up and the shoot.

On set was a gorgeous champagne breakfast…

 Carlinn from Superficial Girls was the Wood Nymph and she looked sensational…

Judy from Upcycle That was just that… an Upcycle Goddess. Her skirt is made up of ties stitched together. Just lovely.

 I went into hair and make-up (always my absolute favourite) with Marlinette Newman.

 Cleo from The Cleopatra Blog was the gorgeous Greek Goddess..

 Lunch was served… Sushi, Dim Sum and Salad

 Complete with Red Velvet Cupcakes…

 Our sexy Siren… Farrah Mia from The House of Mia

When it was time to take my hair out of the curlers, I had turned into a 50’s housewife/Marilyn Monroe. We took a few pics before styling my hair properly into a 50’s mermaid.

Happy Birthday Mr. President

 I wore this gorgeous shell head piece, but my gosh it was super heavy and quite sore.

Sheri from SA Fashion Girl looked amazing! Her archetype was Witch… That third eye even had false lashes stuck on…

Once our hair and make-up was done we had our individual shots done draped in Ruby jewellery. I am in love with all their pieces. They are must-haves.

I picked up some trends that are ongoing and some that are new:

  • Layer your necklaces
  • Semi Precious stones are back – rugged and polished, take your pick.
  • Gold and Silver can be worn together, but it depends on your preference
  • Long necklaces with beautiful pendants can change an outfit
  • Chandelier earrings are back in fashion

Thank you Marli for the beautiful hair and make-up 🙂

I drove home and couldn’t understand why I was getting strange looks, until I caught a glimpse of myself in my rearview mirror.

Here is a quick 2 minute behind the scenes video I made using my GoPro Hero Silver 3+. It’s my first video I’ve done with my new GoPro – so much fun and still learning lots…

I had such an amazing time on set. Gavin Goodman took some beautiful photographs and I cannot wait to see how they turned out.

Thank you so much to Kayla Gomes and to Robyn Lidsky, the owner of RUBY for the styling, for the wonderful opportunity and for the beautiful day.

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