I had my second measurement/weigh-in this past Monday. I’m down again! Hooray.

I thought I would share what I am doing on this USN 12 Week Body and Lifestyle Challenge.

It’s not just a “diet” or a plan only for 12 weeks. It takes 12 weeks to completely transform your body and then to keep the lifestyle going – after all, with a new body you’ll be motivated to maintain it.

I never thought supplements were important. I was also under the illusion that supplements were only for beefcake gym boys. Don’t laugh now, but I was also under the impression that if I took supplements I would be taking steroids. Completely UNTRUE! Myth bust immediately. USN stands for Ultimate Sports Nutrition and they ensure that your body is healthy and safe.

I am also eating ALL. THE. TIME. Another myth bust that you have to “starve” to lose weight.

I thought I would share the supplementation with you. It has really changed my life. Eating right and exercising will ensure you lose weight… but having the right nutrients, extra protein and fat burning formulas give the extra help we all need.

When I wake up I take 2 Phedracuts with a big glass of water. Phedracut is scientifically formulated to help burn fat and crush appetite constant cravings. It delivers long lasting energy and mental focus.

I then exercise.

After breakfast I take 2 CLA Pure 1000. This is an advanced body toner. It’s a weight loss supplement that supports blood sugar regulation and promotes a toned physique.

I then have a mid morning Diet Fuel Shake. It’s a Low GI slimming shake (meal replacement) with fat burning nutrients. It’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Half an hour before lunch I take the Phedracuts again.

After lunch, it’s 2 CLA Pure 1000.

Mid afternoon is the Diet Fuel Shake.

Half an hour before dinner, I take Phedra-Cut Ultra SF – Stimulant Free so it doesn’t keep you up at night.

After dinner it’s 2 CLA Pure 1000.

Before bed, I have the Pure Protein Shake.

This may seem really hectic… but I assure you it is SO WORTH it.



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