I did it!! 6 Week Challenge Accomplished, plus more BIG NEWS

On the 28 December 2022, I posted that I was about to embark on a 6 Week Challenge with The Movement Empire. READ HERE. The challenge would be called RECONNECT. It was perfect for what I wanted for myself – to reconnect with exercise, move my body, get stronger and fitter. I was also 5 (just shy of 6) weeks away from turning 40 (4 Feb), and I wanted to enter the new decade feeling good in my skin.

We opened it up to the public because I knew I was going to need some help. I wanted to create a group where we could lean on each other, have some accountability and be each others cheerleaders. The Movement Empire were generous in offering anyone who wanted to join me a 40% Discount (for my 40th celebration.) I really didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be me, myself and I, but the response was wonderful and we had over 50 sign ups.

On the 2nd of January, we began. We had just 18 workouts ahead of us and it felt REALLY good to start the New Year off with some exercise. By the end of the first week of January, I had 3 workouts ticked off. It felt amazing.

2nd January 2023

The WhatsApp group I created with the men and women who had joined me turned into absolute gold! It has become this fantastic community of people, who are simply amazing and I am so glad I’ve got to “meet” them – even if it is just via Whatsapp.

I think we all belong to enough Whatsapp groups, so I certainly didn’t want to be spamming anyone with 100s of messages, but between the Head Coach, Ryan Botha and I, we took turns in sending personal voice notes of encouragement, advice, what to expect in the days workout ahead and I loved how our group began to share.
What really made it special, is how we leaned on each other when we weren’t feeling motivated. I realised quickly how tough life can be, throw us curve balls, get in the way of what we want to do vs have to do, illnesses, kids getting sick… and yet there we were, dedicated to finishing the workouts, and encouraging those who needed the extra boost.

I might have given up a few times in the past, but this group held my hand across the finish line. I am so grateful to each and everyone of you and I want to THANK YOU personally: Angie, Ben, Bianca, Brie, Bronwyn, Aisling, Carin, Caryn, Christie, Clea, Deena, Dora, Elizabeth, Erin, Helouise, Ilze, Jaclyn, Jolene, Kate, Kelly, Kerri, Lauren B, Lauren C, Lauren Z, Lia, Lore, Michelle, Niecole, Samantha, Shaaista, Sianne, Sivan, Tam, Tamaryn M, Tamaryn S, Tarnya, Taryn, Veronica – you helped me more than you know!

I wish I could bottle the feeling that I had on the 10 February 2023. As I finished the workout, I felt so emotional and so proud. I DID IT!! I SET MY MIND (AND BODY) TO SOMETHING AND I SHOWED UP, HONOURED IT AND I COMPLETED IT! Yes, it deserves Caps!

This was the video of me literally jumping for joy that I had completed it all!

This was a message I sent to the Whatsapp Group on the 10th of Feb:

This started off as getting stronger and feeling better in my skin, as a I entered a new decade… and turned into a community of amazing people. You have done your own health journey, you have been dealing with what life throws at you, you’ve been dedicated – disciplined sometimes; motivated others – powerfully both at times and you have shown up. So what if you’ve fallen behind? You’re still here and that means something! I meant it when I said “leave no man behind” and I’ll be supporting and cheering you on as you cross your finish line today, and as some of you take a little time to catch up!

I was really scared to do this… I was worried I wouldn’t complete it myself – which was another motivating, but scary factor to put myself out there and have it be public… The fear that no one would join me; the what if’s… all the silly self sabotaging doubts that we face sometimes. 

I never wanted this to be “another” fitness challenge, where you join, you get the program and that’s it – you’re left on your own.
I appreciate that you took your money and time to do this with me and I wanted this to be personal – to be in this together!
I hope you felt supported by me, by each other, by The Movement Empire and Ryan, the Head Coach… I certainly felt all the love from you and you kept me going. You’re a special group – you are my OGs and I will never forget the kindness, the laughs, the sweaty selfies, the encouragement and even the little motivational quotes (thanks Pinterest!)

So THANK YOU… and thankfully not good bye either – especially with news of the next challenge starting soon! Let’s finish off strong -wherever you are – you’ve got this!!

A quick time lapse of part of the workout

The general consensus of the group was that none of us wanted it to end… so, The Movement Empire and I have good news!

On Monday the 27th of February, I will be starting a NEW 6 Week Challenge. It will be called STAY CONNECTED. For those of you who didn’t get to sign up in time, here’s your second chance. For those who have completed the 6 week challenge and loved it – lets stick together again and continue to champion for each other.

My 40th Birthday may already have been celebrated, but the discount code stands: Use BAILEY40 at checkout and get 40% OFF when you sign up here: Don’t forget to click on the 6 Week Challenge when you get to workout options.

Who’s with me?

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