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I woke up yesterday morning to a message that nearly had me… Luckily, gullible here didn’t believe it and then suddenly remembered the date. April Fools!

After dying sweating through a Sweat 1000 class – my first in a while (March was cRaZy!)

I got a call from Tatum from the Expresso show. They were postponing the shoot dates to next week. Again, I made her promise that it wasn’t an April Fools joke.

Life has been a mixture of stress and happiness and biting off more than I can chew and then being proud that I’m slowly getting through my to-do list and all the other gravy in between. There really are no complaints… Here are some fun parts (because you don’t want to see the boring stuff)…

Scar Hair and my stylist Flo Neacsu is amazing for looking after my blonde so well… My hair is also growing slowly but surely and it’s no longer shoulder length anymore. HOORAY! I’m trying not to abuse my hair too much.

I can never resist taking “Beam me up Scotty” tinfoil selfies…

Treatment time

The sun is definitely rising later and setting earlier but it’s still so pretty…

 I can’t resist pretty flowers and Sunflowers may be cheap, but they are still my ultimate.

I got an amazing GoPro Hero Silver 3+ camera with the Lang Arm, the chest harness and the attachments for helmets etc. We pop it onto our helmets when Socrates and I are on the scooter. My GoPro has pretty much become an appendage of mine. I’m loving it. I still have a lot to learn but it’s got my creativity flowing and I just want to get as many different shots and angles as possible.

The Lang Arm is awesome for “Selfies”…

GoPro Selfies in the car… because I can and I’m playing
GoPro selfies on a Sunday afternoon beach walk

Coffee art makes me smile… I got this bunny the other day and it made me instantly think of my BFF Karolina. We call each other “Bunny.”

We got invited to a beautiful 40th birthday over the weekend. The theme was “Vintage” and I loved the garden decor…

Noticing Autumn flowers on sidewalks…

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