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    Alexi’s 2nd Birthday

    I can’t quite believe that Alexi is 2 years old, but then I think all of us can agree that the past 2 years have been one giant, crazy blur.

    Everyone remembers where they were the day South Africa went into what we thought would be a 21 day lockdown, to flatten the curve and help the health care system. The 27th March 2020. It’s a day I’ll never forget, because as an essential worker I drove, with goosebumps, through the ghostly streets of Cape Town to my radio show, in disbelief of seeing an empty city. It was also the day we celebrated the milestone of Alexi turning a mere 4 months old. Here we are 20 months later, celebrating him turning 2 years old today 2️⃣🎉🎈 on the 27th November 2021.
    All but 4 months of his life have been in a pandemic and as this mind-boggling world continues to get even crazier, Alexi has been an anchor❤️⚓️ in our world. He is a reminder of what pure innocence and joy is. 🥰 He has always been able to calm me. It’s hard to explain, but even in the womb – if I was feeling anxious or if I was nervous before walking out on stage in front of 1000s of people, he’d give me a kick and I’d feel this serenity wash over me. In the world today, he has the same ability – with a look, or with a hug and I feel truly blessed to have him in our family and honoured to be his Mom. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest, gentlest, funniest, most loveable little boy, with the most contagious laugh! We absolutely love and adore you! ❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉

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