About Bailey

Hi! I’m Bailey.

Thank you for stopping by Vanilla Blonde – you’ve made my day!
I’m a Joburg born girl with a Swiss heritage, living in two cities – Cape Town and Johannesburg. My dual-city living really allows me to embark on many adventures! Let me update this now, because since 3 April 2021, my family and I have embarked on another adventure. We have moved to Athens, Greece! It’s a country rich with history, culture (and a different alphabet), and I’m going to take you along for this journey!

I’m extremely passionate about everything that I do – from my career, right through to this online space of mine – I call it my happy place! I have a few happy places actually, but this is definitely right up there!
I’m a Radio and TV presenter, voice over artist, MC and Social Media Manager and I can now add that I am a Podcast Writer and Host of The Bailey Boost.
Boost your life with lifestyle tips you just have to know! I bring you tips and life hacks about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, home, parenting and more to really elevate / boost your life!
With my new podcast (and my move to Greece), I rebranded with my married name: Bailey Georgiades (previously known as Bailey Schneider) 
I started Vanilla Blonde in 2010 as a hobby that has fast become a part of who I am. I absolutely love writing, photographing and sharing my experiences and I aim to have new blog post out every week day.
Vanilla Blonde – is not to be confused with being boring… The name comes from my love of Vanilla Tea!
I am proud of my little space online and I hope it inspires, uplifts and encourages you to live your best life!

I created this blog as an addition to my website I really hope you enjoy reading it and sharing in my journey. Please don’t be shy to comment or as I like to call it ‘share the love’!


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