Today is National Cleavage Day! How fun? It’s time to get those puppies out and show off what your mama gave you…. Or turn to Wonderbra for that added, um…support.

It’s pretty cold though, so I’m going to have them under a light scarf.

If all else fails, get a CORSET made…VA VA VOOM! This was the early stages for an evening dress for YOU Magazine Awards 2010.

Super excited for this weekend… Mario is celebrating his birthday and we’re having a house party! Some of my mates, Lucia and Katia to be specific, have been overseas and they’ve just returned, so it’s going to be like a reunion too. I just have a funny feeling that I’m not going to stop smiling like a Cheshire Cat… Better get my stomach muscles ready for all the laughing.

I’m also MCing the CANSA Spinathon tomorrow. CANSA Celebrates its 80th Anniversary in 2011 and our drive is to Educate the Public about Cancer and the early detection of these dreaded diseases; to promote a healthy lifestyle and to provide support to all people affected by Cancer.

It’s being held at the Fourways Mall, Junxion area all day. I’ll be MCing from 11am – 1pm. If you’re in the area come through and show your support – it would really mean a lot.

Happy weekend lovelies… and here is something to always remember:

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