5 Days in Hospital

I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve been… well life is funny sometimes isn’t it?  You just never know what curve ball may be thrown your way.

On Thursday morning at about 1am I woke up in such pain. I hardly slept that night and eventually called my mom at about 6am. She came to fetch me and took me straight to the doctor who in turn admitted me straight into hospital.

I stayed overnight, hoping I would be discharged early on Friday morning because I had a flight to catch to Durban for a business meeting on Friday afternoon and was looking forward to a wedding on Saturday with my G.

On Friday more test results came back and it looked like I wasn’t going anywhere. I was told the infection was too bad and I needed to be monitored over the weekend.

I was discharged at lunch time today and I must be honest I’m very happy to be home and in my own bed.

Fourways Life Hospital was amazing though. The nurses were so attentive, caring, kind, friendly and made me feel comfortable when I was in some pain. The hospital food actually wasn’t bad either.

My reputation exceeded me though. I had every nurse saying: “You really love your tea, neh?”

Guilty as charged. Tea makes me happy…and even happier when I’m feeling so crappy.

I don’t enjoy hospitals at all (who does?) but it really forced me to rest, sleep, read and get better. I also got reminded (not that I need the reminder) on how lucky and blessed I am to have the most wonderfully supportive friends and family.

My mom, dad and Tandi, Paul, the Parkin family – Lolly, John, Michelle, Hailey & Johan, Karolina and Filip, Lucia, Katia, Amy, Ross and Lesley were constantly there for me, bringing me waters, vanilla tea, magazines, fresh pajamas and my toiletries. We even managed to play some Rummikub. The caring messages and phone calls I received from Greg and my mates were overwhelming.

Thank you guys… so much.

I’m still not 100% better, but I’m much better than I was 5 days ago. Thank goodness for pain meds.

I obviously had a lot of time on my hands…so I took a LOT of photo’s with my blackberry… I was bored…

CT Scan

Good ol’ Hospital Jelly and Custard
The gorgeous little Hailey painted a picture of a Dolphin and bubbles for me and gave me a Get Well Teddy balloon! She is just the cutest!
X-rays… trying to smile – I’m exhausted here.

My mom brought me strawberries…they were HUGE!
Mom did a French Braid for me to keep my hair out of my face … nothing like Mom playing with your hair when you feel crap

My mom, my sister Tandi and her boyfriend Ross and I playing Rummikub

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