Going Opaque

When I was at school, our winter uniform either required we wore knee high socks or opaque tights. Both can be ultra sexy.

Ours however, were not.

The socks and opaque tights we had to wear were brown… and not a lovely chocolate brown… a revolting-looks-like-you’ve-dipped-your-legs-in-mud brown or worse.

It put me off the knee high sock and the opaque tights, because when I hear the words, I think of that nappy brown colour.

I think it is safe for me to now lift the boycott from wearing them. Good grief, it’s been long enough and I’ve actually been missing out.

I love that you can wear them in different ways, it gives you a break from constantly wearing pants and the various colours can be uber cute (granted you wear them well… )

Want to know where to find them? Woolworths (our version of Marks & Spencers) have the best Opaque Tights… My mom and sister have always been fans and they’ve tried to get me to wear them for years. Think they might fall over when they see me in a pair soon.

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