Gym Lovin’

I am back in the game… the gyming game. It feels really good. I, however, am one of those gym going people who keeps her head down and actually works out. I do not wear cute gym clothes, I do not wear make-up and I don’t just sort of work out, while looking around to see who is watching me. I figure there are enough of those girls.

When I work out I have the unfortunate look of my face going bright red and glowing sweating so much I look like I’ve swum in my gym clothes.


So imagine my surprise when Mr. Muscle Tee approached me, while I was on the elliptical. Oh… I should also point out that when I’m working out, I struggle to talk. It’s either breathe or talk. Pick one.

Panting Breathing normally wins.

Mr. Muscle Tee approached me with what I think was supposed to be a winning smile and asked me in a very Joey from Friends style: “How you doin’?”

I kid you not.

I think he got bored and gave up after 1.) he had followed me around the gym 3 times and 2.) realized that I wasn’t running towards him, rather away from him.

10/10 for effort I suppose.

In other news… Mark Pilgrim and I have moved from our Afternoon Drive show into the Breakfast show 6-9am on 94.7 Highveld Stereo for the next 2 weeks, while the Breakfast Xpress Team are on holiday.

I like to think I am a morning person, but waking up at 04h30 in the freezing cold is quite testing. I also have this paranoia that I’m going to oversleep and so I’m naturally waking up at 01h00; 02h30; 03h33 (I’m sure there’s a horror movie in that time zone) and then just as I nestle into sleep again, my ACTUAL alarm screeches.

I am living on coffee at the moment. If I could I have it intravenously that would be ideal.

The silver lining? My day ENDS at 9am. It’s so wonderful I could shed a little tear.

My Best Friend at the moment….

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