Fairy Dust weekends

What an incredible weekend. Had such fun!

My good friend Mario Blazevic celebrated his birthday party. The one thing about the Croatians is they know how to feed you. The food was incredible… Unfortunately none of my photographs of the food came out well – so you’ll just have to take my word for it… DELICIOUS.

I also love how “props” just show up… These pink glasses suddenly appeared. Um… funny how none of the girls rushed to try them on…

Killing ourselves laughing! Bailey Schneider, Lucia Oreb, Anton Oreb, Karolina Sky, Thalia Joannides
Bailey Schneider, Lucia Oreb, Greg Parkin, Karolina Sky, Thalia Joannides
Bailey Schneider, Thalia Joannides, Jonathan Shaim, Lucia Oreb, Karolina Sky

I posted these pics on Facebook and this photo in particular got some amazing comments about my nail colour.

I love nail polish… I am normally a Bio Sculpture gel girl, but I’m giving my nails a mini rest from the gel. There were so many questions and Facebook inbox messages that I thought I’d share the love…

I found this nail polish at Clicks. It’s called: Tip Top Nail Chic and the colour is Fairy Dust.

The price range is so affordable and it paints on beautifully. You don’t even need a second coat.

This weather has really turned. I am struggling to get up in the morning and the fact that I can press the snooze button a few extra times doesn’t help either. The worst part is that I have all my winter clothes in storage. I don’t have enough cupboard space for both seasons.

Too many clothes? Don’t be ridiculous! 

So now I am really exercising the fashion statement of “layering.”

It’s a four day week… Hooray! 

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