Catrice and Essence Cosmetics Part 1

I am excited to have discovered a new brand of make-up – Catrice. You can find it at Dischem and Clicks.

I now alternate between Essence and Catrice. I am in love with their products, the quality, their prices and No Animal Testing.

These are some of the products I got. I’ll be doing reviews on all of them over the next few days…

There is a lot of talk lately about using a Primer before putting on foundation. It helps foundation glide on and creates a barrier between your skin and the foundation.

I love the texture and you don’t need very much of it either… my skin felt like velvet after I had applied it.

I’m using the Catrice Infinite Matt up to 18h foundation in Apricot Beige. It has great coverage, without looking caked. It worked beautifully with the Primer and I didn’t have to reapply again for the whole day. Happy Dance.

The pump is a great regulator for those who tend to squeeze out too much from a tube. Guilty.

Finally… a blusher that works with few strokes. I normally have to apply quite a bit of blush in order to actually see my cheeks change colour. Not with Catrice Multi Colour.

This is what I normally have to do with blush: Dip-brush-in-and-swirl-around-then-vigorously-swirl-around-on-cheek. 

Repeat 2 or 3 times.

When I did it the first time, I looked at my cheeks and was surprised at how much colour was already there. I didn’t have to return my brush to the blush again and actually, I felt I had put too much on -with just one brush.

I now use very little and only have to dab my brush over the blush… and voila! Fresh pretty cheeks. Great quality!

I tried Essence Nude Glam nail polish, perfect for French Manicures. 2 coats are perfect and it glides on without streaking.

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