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I really appreciate all the emails and comments that come through to my blog! I always have a good laugh at the emails regarding Duke – the true star of this blog. You are so sweet about him and I love that he’s touched your hearts as much as he has mine. If only you could meet him – such an amazing soul.

I can always tell when I haven’t posted photo’s of Duke in a while – the emails start; asking how he is. It’s amazing.

I must tell you, that even though I have a lot of photo’s of him (obsessed, really) you must know how impossible it almost is to get a photo. He is completely camera shy. Truly.

I’ll see him doing something adorable or he’ll have a really funny look on his face, but as soon as I reach for my camera or iPhone, it’s like he just knows. As soon as I do, he immediately turns his head or he runs away.

I’ve even tried turning my phone on silent and my camera on silent so it doesn’t make the shutter sound.

Each photo I have of him is actually quite a mission and it takes a lot of patience.

Put it this way… Of all the photo’s I have (and there are plenty) I have more photo’s of him that are blurred or they’re of the back of his head.

I sneakily have to catch him when he’s sleeping or just woken up and he’s still pretty dozy.

To answer some of your other email questions…

I posted a picture called: “Coffee Time” on Instagram and I got some questions regarding my necklace and nails. The colour on my nails is the Gelish Red Colour (I wish I knew what it was called) and the blue heart I’m wearing, I bought from a little jewellry kiosk in the middle of the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town in December. I bought one for my sister and I for Christmas.

Thanks for your questions…

This week, I am here… There is so much happening at the moment work wise and it’s true what they say… When it rains; it pours!

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