Weddings, Weightloss and Weekend

Well last night was certainly very interesting. It was chaotic but great fun.

I was asked to be a part of the FS Collection Bridal Fashion Show in Rosebank. My dress was beautiful, however, a few weeks ago they took my measurements and when I needed to wear the dress last night it was too big. Now that would normally have me jumping for joy, but when you suddenly have to go out on a catwalk holding up your dress looking awkward… um… it wasn’t a jump for joy moment. LOL. Still… it was great fun to walk down the ramp and I was actually a little nervous. I don’t know how these models do it. It seemed simple right? Walk, smile, look elegant and poised and gorgeous.

All I was thinking is:

Please dress, good grief! Don’t slip down and expose me to the 40 photographers and video cameras at the end of the run way. 

Don’t trip.


OMG it’s slipping. 

Keep smiling. 

Don’t trip.

Shoulders back. Woah…noooo… that makes it slip more.



It was good fun to be a part of it.

I have some pics, but they’re not fantastic… purely because they were rushed and taken off my blackberry who kept being bumped in the small backstage/changing area… but you’ll get the basic idea.

I loved the dress… each bead and crystal was done by hand and it took the seamstresses 2 weeks to get the bodice completed. The effort that goes into each dress is remarkable.

The bodice was too big… but you get the idea!
The wonderful Pabi Moloi and I

Today I am incredibly happy. I’m seeing results from my detox and the great news is that the detox is for my health…not weight loss – what a great side affect.

I’m down 4kgs… remarkable and I’m fitting into jeans I haven’t worn in years.

It’s been one of the toughest things I’ve ever done though. Not only is it physical, but it’s mental and emotional too.

Tomorrow will be 1 month… another 3 months to go.

I think I’m over the hardest part now… I just need to keep going and not slip by becoming too relaxed. I definitely need to stay focused.

I can’t wait to add exercise into the mix now too and with the warmer weather it’s going to make getting up at 5am a lot easier.

Tomorrow is Joburg Day with Santam and 94.7 and I cannot wait. Greg arrives tonight and we’ll be experiencing Joburg Day together. Excited.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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