Spring Day

It’s FINALLY here!! Oh I am so incredibly happy. HAPPY SPRING DAY!!

Something has happened to Johannesburg. Not only is it blooming with flowers and budding trees, but the sun is shining happily and it’s like everybody has suddenly come alive. There is just a vibe here. People are happier, wearing bright colours and just buzzing!

Not only is the vibe and buzz due to Spring day… it’s due to “Springbok” day too.

Today is the sendoff for our Springbok Rugby team for the Rugby World Cup. I am so proudly South African and I love how we all come together wearing Green and Gold, painted flags on our faces and just full of spirit!

The boys leave for New Zealand tonight and since we are the reigning World Champions, the vibe is even more magical.

Go Bokke Go!!

Wearing my rugby shirt today!

In other news I am wearing a Wedding Dress tonight.


Hold the bus.

Not my Wedding Dress… but a Wedding Dress. I’ve been asked to “model” in the FS Collection Spring Bridal Fashion Show tonight.

At first, I wasn’t sure if it would be bad luck – lame, I know, but I’m a little superstitious. My best mate Karolina Sky told me that she had done a million bridal shows before her wedding, so I feel better.

I had a fitting the other day and the dress looks so beautiful. I thought I would feel more girly and emotional though. I thought I would have that little tear, emotional lump and the “Oh my God, I’m in a wedding dress!” moment.

Nope. Nothing.

Am I missing the female/girly gene?

Apparently not. According to Karolina, she had the same thing. It was one bridal show after the other with little emotion, until it was her dress where there was obviously emotion.

Good. Just checking.

I still find it a little strange, but exciting too… Guess the female/girly gene isn’t completely damaged.


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