Life Lately and I’m so grateful…

This year has truly started off well and for that I am exceptionally grateful.

My best friend, Karolina and her husband, Filip are here in Cape Town for the Argus Cycle Race. It has been wonderful catching up, talking about exciting plans we have for 2014 and just spending good quality time with one another. She is my soul sister. She understands me completely without me ever having to explain myself and vice versa. We have an amazing bond and often we will call one another with a feeling and it is always right. In our 13 year friendship, we have never fought and have been nothing but supportive about everything. When something happens to the one, we take it on as if it is ours – heartache, successes, happiness, excitement… We really do have a very unique and special bond and I am grateful for this every single day. The move to Cape Town and the distance has not made a dent in our friendship at all – I think it may have made it even stronger.

While you read this, I am in Durban… I got an awesome call on Friday afternoon asking if I would be a guest presenter for the Expresso TV show. It required flying to Durban last night for the week and filming different inserts Monday through to Thursday.

I had already booked a flight to Johannesburg on the Thursday evening, as my little sister has her engagement party on Saturday evening.

We changed my flight so that instead of flying from Cape Town, I’ll now fly from Durban.

In knowing I have a few TV shoots, I suddenly realised that my hair isn’t exactly looking it’s best and my dark blonde halo has surfaced around the root area. I wish my hair had stayed the light light blonde it was when I was a little girl. Over the years and especially around puberty it went darker into a mousy, dull blonde.

Hello highlights at 18/19 years old and hello to years of maintenance. Sigh. I am a completely natural blonde but need a little help in the “looking sun-kissed” department.

I digress… I made a hair emergency call to Scar Hair and they squeezed me in on a very busy Saturday afternoon. Sigh of relief and hugs of gratitude.

I love having my hair done – for the obvious reasons of being pampered and becoming blonder by the pro that is my hair stylist. Flo Neacsu – but Scar Hair also has the best music playing in the background (I often Shazam songs) and they have the best selection of international magazines. I get so inspired as I sit there sipping on tea and flipping through the thick glossy mags.

I found this quote in one of the magazines and it’s definitely one of my mantra’s.

Work is going well and it feels so good to say that… It’s not easy moving city and taking a huge risk with almost everything that matters the most to you.

Last year there were a few things that were touch and go, but I just tried to soldier on and with hard work, a wish and a prayer, things are panning out. My Social Media business BS Media is really picking up and I have wonderful clients to work with. My radio show on 2Oceansvibe Radio is my baby – especially since I not only present the lunch time show, but I also produce it – source the music, source my interviews, do my research and plan weeks in advance.

I am really enjoying my blog – this is my happy place and I love sharing things with you, “meeting” new bloggers and being interactive with those who read Vanilla Blonde and who interact with me. I am trying to pick up the consistency with my YouTube channel – I just have loading issues, but I’m trying to sort that out.

I am grateful for all the MC work and voice over work coming in – it’s such a passion of mine and I get so excited when I get to use my voice.

I am grateful for the TV presenting work that has come my way this week – what an amazing surprise.

I am grateful for this warm weather we are having, but I can feel the season changing… Cape Town is now back to experiencing 4 seasons in a day. I’ve certainly noticed that our sunsets aren’t happening as late as usual and I can’t go out at night without a light jacket.

I’m not sure I’m ready for Winter, so I’ve been using any spare time to soak up the sunshine on the beach. Spare time is becoming more scarce, so I’m grateful for when I do get some.

I vowed that when I move to the coast, I wouldn’t be one of those people who eventually took the ocean and beach for granted. Even if I have 10 minutes, I like to get down to the beach, sink my toes in the sand and just breathe in that salty air.

I’m also grateful for making some really awesome girl friends down here in Cape Town and it has made my move even better. It has not been easy. I was told Cape Town was cliquey and I kind of “tsk tsked” it out the way when I originally heard it… but sadly, it’s true. I can’t explain it and I don’t know why it happens.

I have such an amazing group of girl friends in Johannesburg and no matter where we all are in the world, we are always going to be close. We speak almost daily and thanks to that, the distance doesn’t feel so far…

Still, it’s important to have girl friends in the same city as you and in the recent months I’ve really made some great ones.

These are just some of the awesome girls… This photo was taken at the Cape Town Rugby Tens by Misha.

Fran, Misha, Bailey and Emma

It feels really good to be grateful and that is something that I’ve aimed to do as a part of Lent. 40 days of taking some quiet time out to Thank God and to be grateful for all that I have – big and small.

It’s amazing how being grateful can attract more wonderful into your life.

What are you grateful for?

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