I had my second tattoo done on Wednesday the 30th of July. I’m the type of person who really researches things before I do them. Especially things that are going to be permanent. I remember when I had my first tattoo done, it was something I had thought about for years. Each year I’d wait to see if I still wanted it as badly as I had when the original thought had popped in. I eventually bit the bullet and had it done. It’s a star on my lower back and obviously has personal, sentimental reasons.

The only regret I have; is that I never really see it.

I decided on another tattoo and went through the same notions. I wanted a word that has a lot of meaning to me. I’d agonised over fonts and where to place this word. It moved around over the years from the top of my foot, to my ankle, to my wrist, to my finger, to the top of my forearm, to the other foot and ankle again, until I finally decided and loved the idea of having it on my left arm, in a position that I can read it and others can read it too.

I also decided that the font should be something personal and unique. Something that no one else will ever have and a font that is so incredibly special that I will wear it with pride for the rest of my life… My mom’s handwriting.

My mom wrote out the word several times until she was exhausted but sure I was happy. Poor mom.

Sox went to have his incredible tattoo done on the Tuesday afternoon at Wildfire Tattoo’s by Manuela Gray and I booked my appointment for the following morning.

Manuela Gray is one of the most amazingly talented artists around. She has tattoo’d Vanilla Ice, Brian May from Queen, Adam Lambert, several of our sports stars and other impressive names.

That had nothing to do with the choice of her tattooing me, but it’s a really cool story, isn’t it?!

I was so nervous and excited on Wednesday. She traced my mom’s handwriting, made a stencil and we decided on the final place.

I suddenly felt very nervous and asked her: “What if I get an initial fright and pull my arm away and end up with a permanent squiggle?”

She laughed and assured me it wouldn’t happen because she would hold my arm and also start quite slowly.

She started and it was absolutely fine. It was slightly sore, but nothing excruciating. It stung a little bit in places but it really wasn’t bad at all. I dare say it, that it felt good. A nice pain. They do say tattoo’s are addictive.

Don’t worry mom, I’m not going to get a sleeve. Ha!

I filmed a short video of the pain experience using my GoPro… Sox is even a little cheeky and quite funny about my mom’s spelling, which definitely had me going… Watch here:

Here is the pic I popped onto Instagram

I absolutely adore it and feel like I’ve always had it. Thanks mom for being a very special part of this.


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