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Last week I rented a bike on the promenade and rode into the sunset… with Tam. Such fun.

I’ve also been getting a lot of exercise in before my trip to Greece. Nothing like knowing you’re going to be in a bikini soon to get that motivation going.

I’ve also been introduced to a new vitamin water… one that is genuinely good for you and doesn’t have hidden ingredients. It’s zero sugar, zero carbs, zero calories and the vitamins actually sit in the cap so that when you’re ready to get a vitamin boost you can add them into your water. Vitamins that sit in water for long periods actually get diluted.

Something girly… I had a french manicure done… I haven’t had the classic french in ages, purely because the bright, fun colours these days have me playing around. It’s a wonderful change and I forgot how chic and feminine this look is.

I also flew to Johannesburg to throw a baby shower for Karolina and Filip.

I love the window seats so that I can see what’s going on outside. I loved the rainbow colours in the clouds.

Of course, the best part of flying to Johannesburg is always seeing my family and this gorgeous little boy. Oh Duke… you really are the very best!

When I made the low carb caramel cheesecake, this is who was sitting very attentively at my feet wishing, hoping and praying that I would drop something.

On one of our walks, this cute little blonde girl came rushing up to give Duke a hug. Heart = melted.

My sister is getting married next March and I’m super excited for her. I’ve missed a few of the wedding dress shopping days, so I was thrilled when I got to catch up. We drank bubbles and I teared up as I saw my little sister in the various wedding dresses. Hello!? How did this happen? Weren’t we just playing Barbie? When did we grow up?

She looks absolutely exquisite in every single style, so I really don’t know which she will choose.

OK, let’s get real… The true star of this blog is Duke and I know you want to see more…

Here he is with my mom. I’m not sure what they were staring at, but I assume it was their reflections in my black laptop screen.

My best is his curled up tongue and his underbite with his adorable crooked little teeth.

After an awesome weekend, it was time to head back to Cape Town. I caught the early Monday morning flight and watched the sunrise over Lanseria airport, whilst sipping on a caffeine fix and being reminded by the cup to smile.

I’m sure I’m becoming quite the pain, but the word “excited” doesn’t seem apt enough. If there is a word for “beyond excited”, then I need that to explain how I feel about my trip to Greece on Monday.

5 more sleeps.

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