Successful Surprise

Well, if I do say so myself, that was a huge success!

It was pretty hilarious trying to get 100 red and silver helium balloons into my car. Firstly, I forgot the duvet cover (Note to self for the next party I throw: Self, don’t forget the duvet cover, apparently this makes transporting balloons easier… and now you know!)

I couldn’t see anything other than what was in front of me. It made the journey very interesting, especially when I needed to change lanes. Luckily Filip helped me with the last load of balloons. Probably safer for all … I report on the traffic problems, I really shouldn’t create or become the traffic problems. Just saying.

Just as I was placing all the balloons, the caterers from Food for Thought arrived and started to set up the spit braai’s, the different vegetables, salads and desserts. We had delicious lamb, beef and chicken with roast potatoes, cauliflower/broccoli cheese, creamed spinach, Greek salads, pasta salads etc etc… I would highly recommend you call on Food for Thought … the food was succulent, tender and delicious.

Now the deal was for Karolina to go through to Lucia’s store: Oreb for a visit and to “help out” and then drive through for a quiet dinner. Karolina was completely unsuspecting, which for me = success.

L-R: Bailey, Jennifer, Genevieve, Maria

Slowly but surely everyone started to arrive, all looking gorgeous in their touches of red. The guys who didn’t wear any red, got their “touch of red” … a BRIGHT RED BAILEY KISS on their foreheads or cheeks.

The guys with their “touches of red” 😉

Finally Lucia arrived with a blindfolded, very confused Karolina. Her face was completely PRICELESS! I was really thrilled that everyone had kept it a secret. Good job friends!! She was completely surprised and just seeing her so incredibly happy, surrounded by her family and friends, made me exceptionally happy. Mission Accomplished.

Bailey leading a blindfolded Karolina

We danced the night away, drank Vodka (as the Polish do) and laughed so hard my stomach hurt the next day. I prefer it that way … better the stomach muscles than the head. 😉

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