Cyber Pals and Q&A’s

It always makes me grin from ear to ear when I see how kind people can be. I have never met this girl, in fact we come from different parts of the world and yet we have become friends and I feel like I’ve known her forever. We are cyber pals! How cool?

I began following her blog A Lost Feather when I first started blogging. I actually can’t remember how I found it, I’m only glad that I did.

This is what it says under her About Me:

I’m Sarah- a 26 year old artist from just outside NYC. This blog is where I share my adventures in everything from travel to hiking to artwork.

Sarah is such an incredible artist and you’ll see why… Being new to the blogging world, I have needed some help with things… like a Heading. I honestly hoped she would explain to me how to go about doing a heading and that would be that.

Instead, she offered to make one for me.

I was so excited. She asked for some photographs and then she said she would do some sketching.

I am so impressed with what came back.


I am also going to be doing some Q+A’s with some people I find extremely fascinating.

It seemed fitting that I introduce you to Sarah from A Lost Feather

1. What made you get into blogging?

I had just left my 9-5 desk job to be a full time artist and I was missing the constant communication I had during the day at my old job. I’d seen some beautiful blogs out there and I thought a blog would be a great way for me to connect with others during the work day.. kind of like chatting over the proverbial water cooler through comments and e-mails!

2. Where do you get your inspiration from?

It kind of just comes to me at random times. I’d say it mostly comes from little adventures like hiking or exploring a new town. Sometimes I’ll be sleeping and an idea for a piece of jewelry will pop into my mind and I’ll wake up to write it down in my notebook.

3. What makes you tick?

Probably a tie between hiking, traveling and creating.

4. Describe yourself in one sentence or 6 words.

Spontaneous, Happy, Fun, Dedicated, Creative, Brave

5. What would be the one must-see place you would take someone who was visiting your home town for the first time?

If it happened to be summertime then it would definitely be the beach! Hm, specifically in my home town of Garden City, NY we would probably walk into town and have some delicious beer, mussels and fries at one of my favorite Belgium restaurants, Waterzooi. But in my greeeaatter home town area we would hop on the train into Manhattan and wander around the city, stopping at my favorite burger joint, Soho Park.

6. What is one of your dreams that you haven’t completed yet?

One day I’m going to open a local shop dedicated to local/indie art, jewelry and maybe clothing. It will house my own work as well as work from artists all over. Onnnnee day..

7. Complete the sentence: I am happiest when…

I’m hiking and exploring with friends.

8. I get really annoyed by…

Negativity. It won’t fix anything!

9. I can’t live without…

guacamole. Oh my goodness.

10. If money was no object I would…

travel the world, for sure..doing some good along the way.

You’re only allowed to pick one:

1. Lace or leather:    Lace. shoot. leather? no- lace.

2. Pizza or pasta:     Pizza

3. iPhone or Blackberry: iPhone

4. pearls or diamonds:  pearls (well, except for if anyone wanted to get me a diamond ring)

5. Jimmy Choo/ Christian Louboutin: Jimmy!

6. Paris/ New York: New York

7. Kittens/puppies: Puppies

8. Rock Star/ Pop Star: Rock Star

Sarah I really appreciate everything 😉

Coming soon…a Q+A with Being Brazen

Happy Weekend everyone 🙂

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