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Pure Good

The other day we went out for dinner to a restaurant I won’t name. I thought I’d make the healthy choice and order the veggies as a side order instead of the standard chips. Cream spinach (great for Banting) and the butternut (carbs, but it’s in my daily allowance) – Banting isn’t NO carbs, just LOW carbs remember?


The cream spinach was made with flour and the butternut was covered in brown sugar and cinnamon.

This really pisses me off. Since I’m doing the Banting and no refined sugar, I have to ask how food is prepared. I’m sure there are plenty of people who do not and order the veggies thinking they’ve made the healthy choice.

I am so thrilled to be finding more restaurants that are healthy. Really healthy. Really tasty.

Gone are the days of health food having to taste like cardboard.

Let me introduce you to Pure Good.

Pure Good is a restaurant that cooks with no refined sugar and they have grain free options. They are also Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. They have delicious breakfasts and lunches, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. Everything is prepared freshly and you can just taste the goodness.

There is a different special every day of the week and on Fridays, there is Woza Friday: Delicious burgers – with or without the bun.

On Wednesday they have Supper Club, which boasts a unique and incredibly delicious menu.

The first time I visited was with my best friend Karolina and my Godson Gabriel! We were craving something healthy and yum.

I ordered the Greek Salad with grilled chicken and Karolina ordered one of the favourites off the menu – The Mother City Salad, also with chicken. We ordered a side order of sweet potato crisps too.

I ordered the Green juice (spinach, kale, cucumber, celery and apple – I asked for less apple so there wouldn’t be too much sugar) and K ordered a cappuccino.

The salads were so big, we easily could have shared… If you’re ordering a salad as a main meal – don’t think it’s going to be measly; it’s more than enough!

The next time I visited, the special of the day was “Sloppy Tjoes”  

Read all about it here…

Instead of the whole wheat bun, I had the Banting friendly version of all the ingredients placed on top of sliced spinach and cabbage for that extra crunch. It was absolutely mouth wateringly more-ish.

Last Wednesday evening a group of friends decided to enjoy the Pure Good Supper Club. It’s happening again this Wednesday night, so make sure you don’t miss out.

You get to choose from 3 different starters, main meals and desserts – guilt free!

Stephanie Plein, Ryan Solomon (Hi Ryan), Yaron Wiesenbacher and fresh to CT, Alexandra Watson

Before dinner started, a game of backgammon happened…

Eventually it was off to our table, drinks were served. I particularly loved the Organic Wine Live-A-Little Wildly Wicked White.

We were also entertained by this trio…

For starters I ordered the Zucchini and Salmon fritters with minted yoghurt and fresh lemon dressed avocado.

Other starters doing the rounds:

The rainbow plate of beet falafal balls, pea and parsley puree with curried butternut crisps

Carrot and Ginger soup with toasted seed bites and bacon crisp

The Mains that stole the show were none other than the Guilt-Free Asian Ribs. Sticky Asian beef ribs in a sugar free hoisin & caramel sauce with grain free savoy cabbage pancakes and bok choi.

You can find the recipe in the Food & Home Magazine:

Don’t even think of eating with a knife and fork. Dig right in!

Or use your knife and fork (and a bib)… whatever 😉

Let’s get right into the desserts. All 3 options were ordered, tasted around the table and an argument as to which dessert was the winner of the night.

I don’t know what happened, but I can’t find the photograph of the Green Tea and Kale Panna Cotta with a black sesame crisp and a spiced ginger and honey reduction.

Here is the baked cheesecake with chocolate almond crust, vanilla yoghurt parfait and fresh strawberries.

The carb free chocolate brownie with sweet beet reduction and a ginger coconut creme.

There was no clear winner, but it was definitely a toss up between the cheesecake and the brownie.

The night finished off with more backgammon, coffees and laughter.

Can you spot the “Sox”?

I can’t wait to go back for their breakfasts!

Pure Goods slogan is Healthy Food. Happy People. They certainly live up to that.

I follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so that I am guaranteed to always know what the specials are for the day!

Pure Good is open Monday – Friday between 07h00 and 17h00 and on Wednesday evenings for Supper Club from 18h30 – 23h00.

Book for the Pure Good Supper Club by calling (021) 461-3818 or visit their website:

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