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Hair Today…Gone Tomorrow

Today I had my hair extensions removed.

I know this is going to sound super shallow, but I actually burst into tears. I am so used to having long hair, that when they were removed I had forgotten how short my hair actually is.

Let me give you some history. I decided to cut my hair short once upon a time…to change things up. Biggest mistake.  It really didn’t suit me at all and so it took 2 long painful/impatient years to grow my hair.

I actually had the length, volume and thickness I was incredibly happy with. Finally.

Fast forward to 2 years ago… I received a voucher for a brand new hair salon for a cut and blow wave. Needing my split ends trimmed, I decided to use the voucher, instead of going to my normal salon. Even bigger mistake.

I asked for a tiny trim and walked away with 7cm off. I was beyond furious and upset.

Ever since then, I have not been able to get my hair to grow past that length. I have NO IDEA why, but it’s incredibly frustrating. I decided to put extensions in to get my hair back to the length I had spent years growing it to.

I’ve decided to give my hair a break from the extensions (for now…) but I have to get used to this length now… something I never really did because I instantly put the extensions in.

I’ve been looking at some of the styles out there at the moment in the length my hair is at the moment…

This is my personal favourite

I will probably go back to extensions… but I’d love to know about any tricks you gorgeous girls have… Any hair growing tricks?

If you use extensions, which ones do you use?

Do you use a weave, bonds, clip-ins?

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