Puppy Breath

I am so incredibly broody…


Not for a baby… for a PUPPY.

HAHAHA! Mom, you can breathe again. Greg, you too. Dad, stop hyperventilating. 🙂

I am the biggest animal lover around.

I haven’t had a dog in over 2 years. I miss it so incredibly much. I’m more of a dog person than I am a cat person to be perfectly honest.

I have really been thinking a lot as to what I would like to get. I’ve grown up with St. Bernards and Golden Retrievers, which would mean I am just not a small dog person. I could never own a tiny little thing… I wear stilettos and I’d be terrified I’d turn the tiny puppy into a doggy kebab. Really. It’s a little fear that I’d step on something so small.

I also, realistically, can’t own a big dog, so I’ve been looking at the medium size dogs. Now one thing you’ll know about me is that I research things thoroughly. I like to know everything before I go ahead with something. Especially things I take seriously and especially one that is going to be in my life for a very long time.

I’ve looked at Bassets, Beagles and so on, but I have to tell you… after doing lots of research I have fallen in love with an English Bulldog. In Love.

I have to have one. They are just adorable puppies and then they grow up to be adorable and funny too.

I’m constantly looking online to find out who has puppies for sale… so far, no such luck.

What’s meant to be will me. When the time is right… I’ll welcome a Bulldog puppy into my home. I am so excited!!

Does this face not just say: “Take me Home!” ?


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