I need a weekend from the weekend

Have I mentioned I love Summer? Only a few hundred times, I’m sure. This weekend was awesome, but I need a weekend from the weekend. I’m also sipping on a Green Ambulance (Creme Soda) while I type this.

It started off at the BMW Motorrad Motorbike Track Day at Kyalami Race Track. The S1000RR Bikes are sexy beasts!  Definitely for the Adrenaline Junkie. It was incredible to watch.

From there we headed off to the Vaal River for my Greg’s good mate’s (Greg Luck) dad’s 60th birthday party. Quite a mouthful. I know. Happy birthday to Dennis Luck.

We spent time on the boat, Greg wake skated and then we all got ready for the party.

I haven’t had a big one in a while. OMG yesterday was a day of suffering. I now remember why I’m not a big drinker and certainly why my friends call me “Florence” … I nurse my drinks.

Yet somehow, they seemed to flow on Saturday and now I am paying dearly. *Sips more Creme Soda.*

It was such fun though and I have to give a big thank you to Greg and Kath Luck for the invitation.

We drove back on Sunday and Greg laid out blankets on the grass and we fell asleep under the blue skies and warm breeze… The perfect way to end a busy weekend.

My G and his curls … I love them so much.
Tired Faces


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