Attirance: Power of Attraction

When was the last time you had some me-time where you just pampered yourself?

I can’t remember the last time I did that (until recently) and as the end of the year is pounding away, so is my need for a holiday. I can’t take a holiday just yet, so I’m pampering myself in relaxing ways until I do manage to take a much needed break.

Be thankful if you get to spend some time pampering yourself and if you don’t… it’s time to make some time. After all… it’s all about appreciating the little things.

I love beauty products and when I was introduced to a new French brand called Attirance (say in ze French accent Utter-ons – OK that’s the best way I could describe it… Tip: say it ‘sexily’) I did several Happy Dances.

Attirance offers more than 80 kinds of hand-made soap, 44 kinds of bath bubble balls, several kinds of milk and salts for your bath, essential and massage oils, salt and sugar scrubs, oils, creams and yoghurts for the body and face, shower products, aromatic waters, perfumes and gorgeous candles in different aromas.

Attirance means Power of Attraction and I was literally drawn into the store in Morningside Shopping Centre. It was instant love. It’s like the grown-up version of a sweet shop. I didn’t want to leave. I got a little embarrassing ooooh-ing and aaaaah-ing. All. the. time.


I was introduced to the ranges. Firstly, this range is not tested on animals which makes my heart sing. As it is 100% natural, the smells are sensational. I felt like I could actually eat the Chocolate range, the Grapefruit range, the Melon range and so on. The ranges are so unique and special, that it’s not just another body butter.

I walked away with the Argan Shower Oil – It goes on like oil, it lathers up gently and leaves my skin smelling and feeling so soft. In LOVE. The Argan Body Butter is so rich and creamy, but doesn’t leave you oily. Perfection. Argan Oil is becoming more and more popular … It is a natural skin anti-ageing product, prevents wrinkling and keeps the skin firm and improves the overall skin condition and elasticity.

The Dry Gold Oil is probably my favourite out of everything. It is golden and has a key ingredient: Caviar. Yes, you read right. Indulgent, no?

Caviar is a key ingredient to skin cell regeneration. I apply the oil after my shower and the best part is, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and I am not greasy in the slightest. It leaves me smelling divine and with a golden glow that enhanced my tan. It is perfect for functions and dates.

In the same range, I got the Gold Oil Body Scrub… Perfect for exfoliating and it leaves your skin glowing. Literally.  Heaven.

The Grapefruit range is sensational… it smells just like the fruit. In fact every single flavour smells just like what it’s supposed to. Not artificial… after all, it’s all natural.

I have the Shower gel and the body butter. Now a little fact… Grapefruit essential oil refreshes, invigorates, eliminates stress and restores energy when you feel exhausted. It also stimulates pore cleansing, helps with cellulite (I can hear the angels sing) and improves body metabolism. Can I just BATH in it please? Wait… Yes I can!

Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra’s secret for beauty and soft skin was bathing in milk. Milk is known for its magical beauty care properties. The lactic acid deeply and intensely cleanses the skin of dead cells and stimulates new cell growth, while still being gentle.

The Attirance Bath Milk contains a special formula of milk and almond oil. It also smells so heavenly that while you soak and pamper, your skin is fragranced too. It’s mandatory to light candles and have a glass of wine while indulging in this treatment. After all… If it was good enough for Cleopatra, it’s good enough for us gals 😉

The male range is incredible too. My G is a real mans man and even he is in love with the Grape and Juniper aftershave lotion and shower oil. He loves the smell and keeps asking me to touch his skin to feel how smooth it is. Haha. Brilliant.

They make such beautiful gifts for a loved one or to spoil yourself… And if you’re completely overwhelmed by the deliciousness of it all and can’t choose, the ladies are amazing at helping you choose the right products for you and all your senses.

The extra loving care that goes into wrapping gifts
You can enjoy being pampered by testing the products here

Visit them at Morningside Shopping Centre or online. Click here: Attirance


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