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I’ve just been working hard, stealing moments of down time and working out. I’m working with a trainer, Johno Meintjies and Fitness Faculty. He’s tailor made a program that works for me – more on that soon!

Here are some pics from when my mom was here… Wish she could have stayed longer.

I met up with Tam for a cloudy beach walk and hearty breakfast.

I had the most wonderful catch up breakfast with the girls from Clarins and Thierry Mugler! Ever since I began using Clarins on my skin, I’ve never had more compliments

I MC’d the Love It Spa‘s 1st Birthday, which celebrated successful women. You have to book a massage there – just unbelievable! I’m desperately in need of another one soon.

Weylandts sent me this gorgeous slate server… I am absolutely loving it and use it almost daily now. It’s fantastic for when you want to entertain and I love that you can write in chalk – especially when I display more than one cheese out.

Last Thursday, Maurice Carpede and I did our Afternoon Drive show on Smile 90.4 FM as an OB (Outside Broadcast) at the Capsicum Culinary Studio. It was their 12th Birthday and they had the student chefs in a cook off with some of the best food journalists and food bloggers.

It was so much fun to broadcast from a kitchen – a first for both Maurice and I. Pots and pans were sizzling, knives were chopping and the most delicious aromas surrounded us.

We won’t mention the smells that came when they were boiling vinegar – anyone who has ever made their own sweet chilli sauce will know the nostril burn when boiling vinegar and sugar. Luckily, it was short lived and we went back to the delicious smells.

Look at how beautifully presented some of these starters are…

In completely girly news, I had a long overdue mani and pedi done at my faves, Fox Box. I chose Morgan Taylor’s “Simply Irresistable” for my hands and “Don’t Worry, Be Brilliant.”

Last Friday night I MC’d the Shimmy Beach Club Summer Launch!

On Saturday, it was HALLOWEEN! We were invited to our friends David and Dani for the rugby and for all the little kids to go Trick or Treating.

I didn’t want to go scary or slutty, so I tried a YouTube make-up tutorial of turning myself into a lion. I actually let my hair down so that it looked like a bushy mane, but I didn’t get many photos of myself.

I think I was more excited about the Trick or Treating than some of the toddlers. My inner child was very happy, which was ironic since I didn’t have any of the sweets or chocolate. #SugarFreeSchneider

The cutest Minnie Mouse you’ll ever see… Sloane Delaport picking out her candy.

Monday meant a new week and fresh flowers…

I hope you’re having a good week so far!

I fly to JHB on Thursday to MC a big event and then return back on Friday morning in time for the Afternoon Drive show!

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