Our English Wedding

As you know, I’ve segmented our wedding story, so if you have missed one, catch up here: Pre-wedding story, My Wedding Dresses, Our Greek Wedding.

I woke up on Saturday, 5th March 2016, in Elandskloof Farm. It’s an apple orchard and cattle farm, so incredibly beautiful and peaceful and I was in my element being surrounded by nature. It also had accommodation for 100 guests and the rest of our guests found accommodation in Greyton and on the neighbouring farms.

I showered and headed up to the Willow Cottage, where I would be getting ready with my bridesmaids and the 2 Moms. bs050316-104
bs050316-15 bs050316-13 bs050316-45 bs050316-51

My Lilikoi heels…bs050316-52 bs050316-56 bs050316-57

Spending some time with George…bs050316-59 bs050316-60 My bridesmaids had beautiful mint infinity dresses for the second day and instead of the fresh flower belts or even small bouquets, our florists, Green Goddess created beautiful wreaths for them to hold.bs050316-161 bs050316-71 bs050316-106 bs050316-134 bs050316-135

Kimlyn Sisam did our hair and make-up again. Yesterday was all about the modern and feminine low bun and today would be my signature look of the curls and braids. bs050316-146 bs050316-149 bs050316-159

Look at my face when I saw my bouquet! Haha! It was just magnificent! Green Goddess were amazing!
bs050316-174bs050316-173 bs050316-181 bs050316-182 bs050316-183

My bridesmaids “Mooo-ing” with the cows in the background. So funny!

My Dad going through his speech…bs050316-198 bs050316-210

Sox’s Goddaughter, Sloane was our little flower girl. Gabriel, my Godson was our page boy.bs050316-206 bs050316-215 bs050316-216 bs050316-222 bs050316-225 bs050316-230 bs050316-253 bs050316-260

On the bouquet I had my late grandmothers brooch and the Eye I wear around my neck every day – it’s an heirloom from Sox’s family.bs050316-288 bs050316-306

My Mom helping me with my something borrowed – her earrings.bs050316-308 bs050316-311 bs050316-316 bs050316-325

The men also got ready in their Frank Bespoke suits. Sox added a fresh new shirt and a waist coast to his suit, to change it up from the day before. They wore Happy Sox in the Mint green and each man wore wooden cufflinks with their initials carved in, by Wooden Lace.bs050316-201 bs050316-202 bs050316-203

Sox and Max – they have such a cute bond! Sox is going to make the best Dad one day!bs050316-249bs050316-281 bs050316-280
bs050316-295 bs050316-331 bs050316-334 bs050316-342

Just before we were getting ready to drive into the forest where our ceremony would be held, Top Billing came to interview me. I must admit, I was a little anxious to have them covering our special day. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but they were amazing. The team acted like flies on the wall (in the nicest possible way) and were really respectful of our time and space!

I didn’t think I would feel emotional or have the butterflies again, since I had walked down the aisle the day before, but I felt all the emotions again and I really relished being able to do it all over again.bs050316-75 bs050316-81 bs050316-82 bs050316-83 bs050316-84bs050316-86 bs050316-89 bs050316-90 bs050316-343

Gabriel… the cutest Godson and page boy ever!bs050316-387 bs050316-376 bs050316-393 bs050316-392 bs050316-391 bs050316-390 At 17h30, we got married under the trees, near the bubbling river by a great friend of ours David, affectionally known as Tox! He was incredible and everyone told us afterwards how lovely the ceremony was. We did have a good laugh when he said: “I’m going to tell you all something that most of you were hoping to hear yesterday: You may be seated!” Our ceremony was much shorter, but it was so special to have the wedding ceremony I’m traditionally used to. We got to say our vows and at the end we heard: You may kiss your bride! It was magical!bs050316-416 bs050316-418 bs050316-419 bs050316-420 bs050316-414 bs050316-422 bs050316-446 bs050316-433 bs050316-439 bs050316-447 bs050316-448 bs050316-461

We were showered by rose petals, more rice and herbs. bs050316-480

We had rice for fertility and good fortune…bs050316-80

Lavender for good luck and devotionbs050316-78

White rose petals for eternal love…bs050316-77

Rosemary for long life and couragebs050316-76

While we went for our family and couple photos, our guest enjoyed themselves under the trees, with wines, beers, Vita Coco coconut waters and cocktails. bs050316-361 bs050316-368 bs050316-383 bs050316-388 bs050316-389 bs050316-347 bs050316-349 bs050316-352 bs050316-355 bs050316-360

The canapes we had reflected our heritages. Swiss, Greek and South African.

Dimitra, my Mom in Law made all the little spanakopita and cheese pies for the Greek influence.bs050316-491 bs050316-492

Our caterer Picnic Company and Mustard Catering did the rest…

For the Swiss influence we had: Emmental Cheese Balls and Emmental Cheese Wedges Served With Crisp Crostini’s And An Exotic Purple Fig Preserve.
bs050316-532For the South African influence we had: Juicy Boereowors Skewers Served With A Homemade Tomato Dipping Sauce, Biltong Slices and Cream Cheese & Biltong Sushi or Droewors Served With A Cream Cheese Dip.bs050316-493bs050316-530bs050316-555 bs050316-503 bs050316-505 bs050316-519 bs050316-521 bs050316-524 bs050316-526 bs050316-528 bs050316-538 bs050316-542 bs050316-549 bs050316-556 bs050316-561 bs050316-575 bs050316-577

The sun set and our guests made their way to the stone barn for our reception! What a party it was! Coming tomorrow…

PS. A HUGE thank you to Jadee Fernandes from Watermelon Events and also to Kirsty and Kerryn du Toit from KDT Communications for helping us with sourcing suppliers and arranging so much! We are so thankful!




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  • Reply Cheryl Humphries

    Such fantastic wedding pic’s… looked so beautiful & stunning, been such great reads with your 2 day wedding, really enjoyed it so much x

    November 24, 2016 at 5:39 am
  • Reply Jodie

    Beautiful!!! Love love love your mint colour for the girls. And your goddaughter and godson are just too adorable for words 🙂

    November 24, 2016 at 5:47 am
  • Reply Natasha Viljoen

    Love how true happiness just radiates out of these pics! Thank you for sharing with us!

    November 24, 2016 at 7:16 am
  • Reply Tanya

    Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing your wedding story with us. I’m glad you got your fairytale wedding and I hope you both live happily everafter xxx

    November 24, 2016 at 7:43 am
  • Reply Mariam

    Absolutely stunning Bailey!!!

    November 24, 2016 at 7:49 am
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