Magpie Moment

I was in my element on Monday. I had several Magpie moments and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Walking into a room full of shiny, sparkly things made me very excited. It was the Jewellex over the weekend and not open to the public at all (unfortunately for us – fortunately for the jewelry industry.)

I happened to get a pass and got to really experience how the Jewelry industry works. Absolutely fascinating.

There were tables and gorgeous displays of beads, precious stones, tanzanite, diamonds, gold, silver, pearls…and more bling than I can even begin to describe.

I managed to purchase my absolute favourite… Pure turquoise beads and stone and I already have visions of making a gorgeous necklace.

I bought beautiful silver earrings and silver and precious stone rings.

I bought a pair of exquisite precious stones – they are princess cut Prasiolite – Green Amethyst – incredibly rare (Amethyst is my birth stone) and I’m going to have them set into earrings or into a ring – I haven’t decided yet. Too excited about this.

The tables of fresh water pearls were something else. Love.

The BEST part is that none of it actually broke the bank.

In other news… Today Koula, Pabi Moloi and I got together to film a music video. I can’t tell you too much yet… BUT it was EPIC and VERY EIGHTIES.

Here is a sneak peak of the make-up that was done:

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