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I have been having a blast… Special K South Africa asked me to join their social media campaign as an Ambassador. How could I refuse?

The fact that I adore eating Special K (especially the one with the berries); my best friend Karolina Sky is known as Special K and don’t even get me started on the Special K bars. 1 word. Addicted….it was just perfect for me to get involved with.

I heat my skim milk and pour it over – awesome in Winter
Can’t get enough of the Special K bars (90 calories only…yes please!)

It’s all about “Making a Statement” and boy have these statements been fun. They run for 2 weeks at a time and have the hottest names. The first statement I was a part of was: “I’m a Size Fabulous” and at the moment I’m currently in “O.M.Jeans!”

Here is my pic from the first statement:

Kelloggs Special K wants to help you get back into those jeans and let’s face it. In winter those kilo’s are VERY easy to pile on when you don’t feel like reaching for a cold salad.

With the Special K Promise, you could lose those few extra kilos and be ready to “Make a Statement” in your jeans in 2 weeks.

Join other ladies (even some guys) who have made the Special K Promise to get back into those jeans. All you need to do is upload the Special K Promise App which will help you track you progress.

The best news is that you won’t only be kilo’s lighter, but you stand the chance of winning Designer Jeans Vouchers.

The next statement starts on Monday 01 August 2011… but you have to make sure you sign up before then. The new statement is called: “My jeans and I are ready for our close-up.”

Here is the link for the Make a Statement App.

The best thing about this is you get to track your success, you know you’re not alone in your quest to become even more fabulous, you get access to some of the most delicious recipes and uber healthy too. There is a dietician every Tuesday and Thursday who are available for questions and don’t forget the awesome opportunity to win those jeans. 

There is nothing like gaining extra confidence while losing the extra kilos and even better that Special K is helping us along.

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