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Going Brazilian

I must admit, when I heard of the Brazilian Blow Wave, I was a little concerned. The words Brazilian and hair normally make me think of one thing and it’s normally painful and hair less. Apparently it has nothing to do with ripping hair out, but rather about nourishing and conditioning.

My hair is very wavy and actually a little frizzy which is beyond annoying. If I want my hair to be sleek and straight I have to blow dry it and then ghd it. It’s exhausting. I wish I could just wash and go.

My hair is has been pretty damaged lately from all the changes I’ve done. It was time to do something and that something is called the Brazilian Blow wave. It doesn’t straighten hair, but it restores and conditions hair. It takes away all frizz and cuts styling time in half. Yippee.

My hair feels soft and it’s super shiny. I cannot wash my hair for the next three days and I’m not allowed to tie my hair up or clip it back. I am so used to washing my hair every day that it feels weird, but I can’t wait to see how it will be when I do wash it again.

The great news is that this treatment last for about 5 months.

Lindsay-Jade applying the treatment

I’d really suggest you go to Studio 9, Melrose Arch and ask for Lindsay-Jade. Their prices are really excellent. (011) 684-1002

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