Thankful Thursdays: Reflections

A year ago today I landed in Dubrovnik, Croatia to meet my girlfriends Karolina, Lucia, Katia and Rasa. The girls had decided it was exactly what I needed since I had been going through a really rough time for a while.

I put my broken heart onto a plane and it was exactly what I needed to find myself and come into my own. It was the start of something magical and the start of one of the best years of my life.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately from around this time last year. I had the best trip of my life  -one that I will never ever forget… and it was the start of a new Bailey. Maybe not necessarily a new Bailey… I’ll always be me in essence … but getting back to basics, back to my essence and enhancing that.

It started a journey of figuring out who I am. What I want. What I don’t want. Focusing on the important things in life and doing some weeding in my life… weeding out the things that didn’t serve me anymore, the things that weren’t important or were a waste of energy and time.

It truly has been quite a year of growth … growth in my career, growth in my beautiful friendships, growth in the amazing bonds I have with my family, growth in opening up to new relationships that are real and amazing and different to anything I’ve ever experienced – because I took the time for me, I know what I deserve and what I want and don’t want. Growth in who I am personally and I really do like the woman I am and am continuing to become. I’ve never been able to say that before. That in itself is growing up, no?

I’m really thankful for the lessons and experiences in life. Thankful for the reflections – they allow you to take a look at the past… and a reminder to keep moving forward and making the right choices and decisions that influence your future. I hope that I’ll continue on this journey and be able to reflect as positively as we go along the journey of life.

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