M-Net Movies Ambassadoggy Top 5

I am very proudly a judge for the M-Net Movies Ambassadoggy Campaign. You can click here to see all the gorgeous dogs I’ve had in my life.

I really wanted to enter Duke, because he is just the cutest and perfect Ambassadoggy material. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to enter him. Lucky for you!

Haha! Kidding.

Not really.

I, along with 4 other judges, received a folder filled with Ambassadoggy hopefuls. We had so many entries, we had to divide the number of dogs into 5 different folders or we would still be going through the entries today.

I received my folder and spent hours and days going through them, “Ooooh-ing and Aaaah-ing” over the most adorable dogs this country has to offer.

What an amazing experience to be invited into so many families and introduced to their furry family members!

I don’t think you realise how difficult it was to choose just ONE. I kept re-reading my email instructions and even picked up the phone to check.

B: “Are you sure you only want one?” 

M-Net: Yes! Only one!”

B: “B…but, I have narrowed it down to at least 25.”

M-Net: “Only one. We need you to have your choice by the end of the day. Thanks Bailey! We don’t envy you! Good Luck.”

B: “Thanks! I’m going to need it!”

The other thing that made my list shorter was the fact that some entries only included photographs and not a 1 minute video as was stipulated in the rules Ts & Cs.

After an agonising decision, I felt really paws-itively excited and happy about my decision.

Let me introduce Charlie! He’s an obedient little pup and is out to please with high fives, roll-overs and playing dead on command. But what Charlie loves best is chilling in front of the TV watching M-Net Movies.

He actually reminded me a little of the dog from The Mask and he looks like the type of pup little kids would beg mom and dad for! Perfect for being the M-Net Ambassadoggy for the M-Net Movies Family Channel (105).

There are 5 Ambassadoggy finalists and you can view their videos on M-Net Movies YouTube Channel… but really, I just want you to click on CHARLIE’S VIDEO and LIKE it, but clicking on the Thumbs Up!

I have no doubt he’ll be so excited and give you lots of Hi-5s and licks!

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