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I’m really on a health kick and want to eat as clean as possible. I want to eat good, healthy food that is nutritious and delicious. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring…

Seeing this incredible peacock dance felt like I was watching my very own National Geographic show…

I love this game and I get quite competitive… in the fun way. Promise.

This man… He has my heart and he looks after it so well.

My hair looks orange here, but it’s only from the sunset and it looks unbrushed – oops… Here is my hair in it’s natural state… As a little girl, I had dead straight hair. The minute I hit puberty, my hair started going curly/wavy and then in the past 3 or 4 years it started going straighter. It’s amazing how you don’t always appreciate what you have. When I had the curly wave, I hated it and would ghd it to death. I eventually lost the wave and guess what? I missed it. It’s only been in the past 3 months that my wave has started coming back. I’m still trying to figure out how to manage it and I’m trying to not ghd it as much. Any wavy tips?

Speaking of hair… I LOVE Scar Hair on Kloof Road. Flo always makes sure my locks are well looked after. I’m trying to grow my hair, so I asked for the slightest trim. I still get nervous after a really bad experience a few good years ago at a salon I went to and never returned to. Luckily Flo is amazing and knows exactly what I want and need.

My mom sent this photo to me letting me know that Duke had just had his breakfast and was now back in bed… What a life!

I’m flying up to Johannesburg on Sunday for some work and I also get to see my family and friends who I haven’t seen since November. This is the longest period I’ve never seen my family. I am beyond excited.

I walk past so much graffiti in Woodstock, where our radio station is based, and I never photograph it. That’s going to change…

Cape Town Summer has been insane and it’s only getting better! My first summer living by the beach has been so good to me.

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