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When Sox and I got engaged on the 13 April this year, we promised we wouldn’t get stressed out by planning a wedding.

I promised I wouldn’t become Bridezilla.

I promised we wouldn’t be that couple who bicker over table settings and colours.

I promised we wouldn’t get wrapped up in one 8 hour party, but rather remember why we were getting married in the first place and focus on the marriage we want.


Why we thought we were so special and would get a free ticket out of that ride called the Wedding Industry is beyond me now.

Ok, so to be fair. I’m not Bridezilla and Sox and I haven’t bickered over silly things, but this wedding industry has stressed us out.

I have been really disheartened by the wedding industry. The prices venues charge is exorbitant. It’s like the word WEDDING just means triple the price and extortion.

To give you an example:

We received a quotation for a venue on a Saturday night that would cost R55 000. On the very last page of the Powerpoint presentation, was the pricing for the same venue on a Saturday night but under the heading: Twenty First Parties. R23 000. WHY when you put the word “Wedding” into a function are you charged nearly double?

When I queried this I was told they had made a mistake. The mistake was them sending the last page to me in the presentation.


The same goes for wedding cakes. A friend of mine got a quote for a 3 tiered cake for her mom’s birthday. When I called and made the mistake of saying wedding cake, the quotation for the SAME cake tripled.

It’s outrageous.

Anyway… We had been looking for the perfect place to get married. We want to have all the people that are near and dear to us and not be restricted in numbers. We want to be able to party without having a time restriction of midnight. We would like to find a place where we are not dictated to in set menus (and prices) and having to use their bar (and prices.)

A tall order to find, but we did – a few months back and we were excited! The venue and date is the most important thing because only once that is done, can you source photographers, videographers, get save the dates and invitations ready, book accommodation and so on.

Our wedding venue cancelled on us last Tuesday.

I can’t even begin to explain how stressed out I have been. I’ve literally cried and sworn a lot.

The venue we were going to have our wedding at had said they would do some renovations to turn it into a proper wedding venue, but we received an email to say that they no longer saw it as a priority to do the renovations, and so we wouldn’t be able to have our wedding there anymore.

4 months to go and I was panicking.

People had booked flights and even accommodation, so I had to immediately get on the phone to tell them the news. We had to change our Save the Dates, which had the venue on them.

It was a like a domino affect of things.

Luckily we were in the process of sending them out and hadn’t completed that task yet, but I’ve had to since email everyone we had started sending to and tell them, so they don’t book accommodation.

I do have to believe that everything happens for a reason and just have faith that everything works out the way it’s supposed to.

My mom and Sox went online and started emailing a whole bunch of venues. Sadly a lot are already booked up.


Sox found this one place that looked AMAZING…

Early on Friday morning, we headed off on a road trip to Greyton.

Things always have a way of working out… We have found the venue of our dreams. It is absolutely PERFECT. It checks all the boxes of what we want and MORE!

We are so excited to get married here and it’s booked!

The only hiccup is, they cannot accommodate us on the date we originally wanted and had planned for. The only date they have is 2 weeks later – over the Argus weekend, which makes flights super expensive for our out of town guests.

Our photographer, who has been booked for ages, is also unavailable now, which is so upsetting.

Sox and I have always had the mantra that everything is as it should be and we stay true to this! It’s wonderfully calming.

Everyone has been telling me that there has to be some drama during wedding planning and I hope that this is it and we’re now done, so that it can be smooth sailing!

It’s all very exciting but extremely stressful.

I really want to enjoy this process and not get wrapped up in this wedding industry.

*Disclaimer that has been added now after receiving quite a few unsettling emails…

It’s made me wonder if I’ve not explained myself clearly.

Sox and I have found the most incredible venue – so thank you very much to everyone sending on their suggestions- I was merely sharing what has happened in this Wedding Update.

We are not after perfection. We know it will be “perfect” for us and we are very relaxed about that!

We are VERY excited about getting married and we cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

We are overjoyed to celebrate our love with a big celebration with our friends and family.

Yes, I realise I am generalising and it’s not all bad. I never said it was. I can only speak about my experiences so far. We are working with some amazing gems who are the good apples in the industry.

I am not Scrooge. What I’m trying to say is that the minute “wedding” is attached, the price increases – like my example of the wedding cake. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that’s on. It’s about the principle, not the money!

I hope I’ve perhaps made more sense now.

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