Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels…

Today I went back to gym. I know it’s cold… but I thought it might actually snow.

It’s funny how a few comments can really motivate someone.

I forgot what the inside of a gym even looked like. So did my muscles. Experts say that I’ll get back into it soon… something about muscle memory… Ha! I think my muscles have Alzheimer’s.

My arms, abs and legs were jelly by the end of it.

It felt good though even though I thought I might die. Twice.

So I’m attempting to gym 6x a week and to eat well. I’ve got the eating down and I’m doing small portions… but that hasn’t seemed to help.

Aaah… if only we were all blessed with model bodies. *sigh*

Essentially I’d like to lose weight in a healthy manner… but at this stage I just want to lose the weight and keep it off.

I’d love to hear how and what you do exercise wise? What works for you?

In other news…I had the most amazing weekend! It was something so different and awesome… Will blog about it as soon as I download the pics!

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