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A Joburg weekend of events, catch ups, a wedding and Mothers Day

This may be my longest title for a blog post, but it’s amazing how much you can cram into a few days!

On Thursday morning I headed to Johannesburg.

Sony and Craving Novity flew me up for the Sony Xperia Mashlab event in Sandton. We were shuttled to our hotel where I ordered room service of a chicken salad, had a shower and got ready for the shuttle to take us to the party.

The lighting wasn’t great, but I wanted to show you my outfit…

My dress is from LABEL Collections, shoes from Woolworths and necklace from Lovisa

It was great to hear about the Xperia Mashlab, which will be giving artists an opportunity to really collaborate and fans an opportunity to be a part of the entire process!

It was fantastic to catch up with some friends and work peers, Fix, Rob Forbes, Kim Schulze and even to meet new industry people.

Fix and I

I got such a fright when I heard my name being called, but I WON this amazing prize!

After a good night, we were taken back to our hotel. I climbed into bed with my book, tea and the TV.

The following morning, I was so excited I woke up early, ate breakfast and waited in the reception area for Karolina and my Godson, Gabriel to fetch me. The anticipation and excitement of waiting for them to arrive felt exactly the same as my inner child waiting for Christmas.

I had such a laugh… we truly are BFFs… We both looked down to see we were wearing black Cons.

We hugged (a lot) and caught up over coffee, lunch and a walk around Sandton City. We shopped – mainly for Gabriel – oh how times have changed!

Gabriel and I bonded even more and we played and cuddled the entire day. I cannot express the love I have for this little boy… as if he were my very own!

After an amazing day, Karolina brought me back to my mom and dad’s home where my fur baby, Duke was waiting for cuddles!

It is cute to watch Duke and my mom though… They’re adorable together.

On Saturday morning, I had a lightning fast catch up with my twin friend Morgan over scrambled eggs and bacon. Afterwards, it was home to get ready for my cousin’s wedding. I curled my hair, did my make-up and then went to fetch Sox from the airport.

My family headed out to the wedding and it was absolutely beautiful!

Here is my mom, dad, sister Tandi and I

Here is my Dad, sister Tandi, Mom, Oona (my cousins girlfriend), my cousin Chad and my fiancé (still love saying it) Sox.

We all took our seats and I felt emotional watching my beautiful cousin Tamsyn walk down the aisle with my Uncle Clive.

I have never seen a wedding cake like this before and it was a HUGE hit! A Rice Krispy Treat cake!


My cousin Chad and Tammy… I don’t think I’ve ever seen Chad look so proudly at his sister the whole afternoon and evening.

Sox even guest DJ’d for a bit and he really got the party started!

 Crazy cousins…

Oh and in the speeches, there were moments when they thanked people for traveling. They mentioned “Thank you to those coming from Cape Town… Chad and Oona, Bailey and Darren…”

Sox looked at me and teased: Um, who is Darren? We both laughed and just shrugged. Then we heard them mention: “… and Bailey and Sox!”

I went to look at the Table Seating board and there was another Bailey! We were so excited to meet one another. Such nerds… but it’s rare to meet someone with my name. It turns out we are both Aquarians too! Twins!


Sox found out who Darren was… Bailey’s boyfriend! We had such a good time together!

I’m so happy for my cousin and new cousin-in-law and I wish them a lifetime of happiness! Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Du Plessis!

I felt a little hungover the next morning, which makes me feel like such a lightweight. Seriously. I have a glass or 2 and my body just cannot handle it anymore.

I was really excited to be spending some of Mothers Day with my mom, before flying home to Cape Town.

My sister and brother-in-law have moved into their new home and I’m yet to see it. We were invited for brunch and they put on such a spread! We started with fruit and yoghurt…

Followed by a hot breakfast…

Sox was really excited about it…

I’m just so happy to have spent time with my family this weekend!

Happy Mothers Day to the best mom! I really am blessed to have you in my life and I want to thank you for always being there for me, for being my biggest cheerleader, an amazing mentor and for believing in me so much! I love you.

After an incredible weekend (and to be honest, needing a weekend from the weekend), Sox and I boarded a plane back to Cape Town and off to his awesome mom (my future mother-in-law) for Mothers Day!

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