I’ve been doing a course called Linda’s Abundance Money School now for the past few weeks. We had session 4 last night and already in the past 3 sessions I’ve noticed a major shift in my finances, my savings and more importantly, in the outlook of my finances and the emotions attached to money.

This might sound bizarre, but money is energy and it’s all about changing your beliefs.

Linda encouraged us to have conversations with people about money and I’ve noticed a few things. People get really uncomfortable about the topic. They either quickly change the subject or they start to fidget and get shifty. It makes me realise even more how everyone needs someone like Linda!

On Sunday morning I woke up, turned my phone over and noticed the SMS notification of a whole bunch of debit orders that had gone off my account. I instantly felt that “Argh!” feeling and flipped my phone over again, almost like an ostrich. I didn’t want to open the actual message to see the amount of money I had left in my account.

As I lay there, still waking up slowly… I heard Linda’s voice coming through and I suddenly remembered the tools she has been giving in the sessions. I picked my phone up again, opened the sms and whilst, that feeling of dread was still there, I decided to adopt the “fake it ’til you make it” attitude.

I silently thanked the Universe (it’s all energy) in gratitude for there being money in my account in the first place for the debit orders to go off. I said thank you for the abundance and said a little silent mantra of: “I am a money magnet. What flows out, will flow in abundantly.”

I automatically felt better, more positive about the amount in my account and then in the silence, a tiny thought popped into my head and I suddenly realised that I had forgotten to invoice for 3 voice overs, which I promptly did and felt even better knowing that more money will soon flow in again.

Such a small change in mind and belief can be unbelievably powerful and it ultimately doesn’t cost anything!

I’m a firm believer that if you’re meant to read this you will. Perhaps you’ll even want to find out more about the course… it’s life altering and I’ve decided to share moments as I go along so that it’s not all hocus pocus.

Why share this? Because knowledge is power and there is enough for everyone. I love to be able to inspire or help someone – and what better way than in helping financially. I might not be able to win you the Lotto…but this could be bigger!

If this inspires just one person then I’m glad to be sharing these stories … There will be a new series called The Abundance Series.

If this resonates for you, email Linda for details about her next free introduction webinar session, to find out more!

It will change your financial destiny.  It could be the best financial decision you make this year!

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