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ABC of Me

Ambulance: I’ve been in 2, despite the fact that as a little girl, I’d always chant “Touch my head, touch my toes, I hope I never go in one of those” when an ambulance would whizz by. I was once taken away by ambulance in Zimbabwe – it was pouring with rain and I slipped and fell down the slippery hotel stairs. I was incredibly sore and bruised – and not just my ego. Obviously, hotel policy was that I needed to get proper medical attention – in case of a lawsuit. I just wanted to get up and slink out of sight and away from the crowd that had gathered, but instead I was told to lie there. I was taken to a Zimbabwean hospital, which was fascinating and I had the kindest doctor who looked after me so well.

The second and hopefully the last time *touch wood*, was when I was in a terrible accident on the 26th of May 2001. The car rolled, I had to be cut from the car and was taken away in an ambulance unsure if I would ever walk again. I’ll never forget that day.

Blog: I don’t have one favourite blog but you can check out my blog roll on the right hand side for some of my faves. I admittedly love discovering new ones, so if you think I should know about some, please let me know.

Celebrity: I adore Heidi Klum, Kate Hudson and Maroon 5’s frontman Adam Levine

Dessert: Banting cheesecake. Anything sugar and carb free. I know, I know. It sounds boring, but they can be absolutely delicious and the best part? Guilt free.

Essence: The tattoo I have on my left arm. It’s incredibly sentimental because of it’s meaning and because it’s my mom’s handwriting. Essence to me is all about staying true to myself, who I am, my values and moral compass. It’s the stuff that makes you who you are and it’s about celebrating and loving everything – flaws and all.

Flowers: Sunflowers will always be a firm favourite, but I love all flowers! The smell of Jasmine reminds me of my childhood in Summer, as does Sweet Honeysuckle. I love having fresh flowers in our home! Orchards are the one flower I really battle to keep alive. I have 3 at home right now (all beautiful gifts) and so far so good. We shall see though.

Guilty Pleasures: Sunglasses – I cannot get enough and it’s very hard for me to walk past a Sunglass Hut and not go in to “try on.” A few TV series that I love watching in binge sessions, but my guiltiest is: Pretty Little Liars. Seriously, I am addicted. 

Slap chips and vinegar. I haven’t had this in ages since I started Banting, purely because afterwards I feel so bloated and ill… but at the time – it’s just so yum. 

Beauty products. I just can’t get enough and I’m running out of space. I guess I’m the ultimate consumers dream.

Height: I’m 1.69m tall.

Instrument you play: In my dream world I play the piano absolutely beautifully (if only) and in reality, I’m super cool and one step away from being a rockstar. I can play the recorder.

Jewellery: All my sentimental pieces like earrings, my Thomas Sabo pieces from my family and fresh water pearls from my late grandmother and now, my incredible engagement ring.

Keepsake: I absolutely love photographs and all the memories. I literally have so many photos that my iPhoto memory had over 300GB and I had to seriously clean up so that my Macbook wouldn’t be so damn slow.

An autobiography book – a project I had to do in Standard 5 (Grade 7), sentimental jewellery and my parents wisdom.

Learning: I’m learning to be patient. Everything happens in it’s right time and when it’s supposed to, and even though I know this… it’s not always easy in being patient.

Movies: I love movies that are feel good movies. I love a good laugh and I love escaping into the story line. I also love a good Thriller – not a Horror, but something that can be thought provoking. Some of my favourites Wedding Crashers, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days or anything with Kate Hudson really, The Notebook, Love Actually, The Holiday, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption and Gone Girl.

Numbers: I suppose this is an OCD tendency, but I’m not overly pedantic about it. My life isn’t going to come to a grinding halt if this doesn’t happen. I just like even numbers. The volume must be on an even number, I even like parking in parking bays that have even numbers… but again, I won’t drive around looking for one… If I can choose between, say, Parking Bay 41 and 42, I’ll choose 42. When I was younger I used to like getting up for school on an even number on the clock, but I haven’t done that in AGES! My favourite number is 4.

Outfit: I LOVE clothes and I love dressing up. For every day though, my favourite has to be a good pair of denim jeans that fit really well, a good quality tee shirt and a pair of high tops, pretty sandals or a pair of smoking hot heels. I love leather jackets, hats and accessories too.

I must admit that I’ve become even more excited about fashion since I’ve become healthier. Instead of wearing clothes to hide, I am now wearing clothes to enhance myself.

Pet peeves. Rudeness. Inconsideration and bad manners. I cannot stand it when I let someone into the traffic or pull over to let someone through a narrow road and they can’t even bother to say thank you. It makes me mad when people are so oblivious of others. Don’t just stop in the middle of a busy mall or sit texting on your phone in your car, when you can see someone is waiting for your parking space. Oh and you know when you have to board a plane, you have to show your ticket and your ID book or drivers license. WHY wait in the queue only to get to the front and flounder around looking for your ID with a hundred other people waiting (ID and ticket in hand) waiting for you! AAAARGH. Can you tell I feel passionately about all of this?

Oh and loud chewing – I can pull my hair out.

Wow… Just finished reading this essay and besides all of that, I’m chilled. Really… I promise.

Quote: “When fulfilling your dream never forget who you are, and from whence you come.”

Right handed. I’m mainly right handed in writing and brushing my teeth, but I do a lot of things with my left – like opening bottles. I type with both hands.

Smell: I love the smell of fresh laundry, baked breads and pastries, puppies and babies. My mom’s perfume and Sox – he has the best smell!

Tea: I honestly can’t express how much I love tea. It makes everything better. Happiness in a cup. I love normal (Five Roses) and Vanilla. Since moving to Cape Town, which is a huge coffee culture, I’ve been drinking more coffee and appreciating it a lot more. Tea, however, will always trump coffee for me.

Underwear: I’d like to say that I’m super sophisticated and sexy in wearing matching underwear but I’m afraid I’m not. I have practical bras and then balance it out with sexy panties.

Vacation spot: Greece, Croatia, Zanzibar  – anywhere with a tropical beach! Although, I’ll never say no to a snowy winter wonderland with a crackling log fire or a gorgeous forest!

Santorini, Greece
Vela Luka, Croatia

Wish: I wish to win the Lotto. Joking (sort of)… No really, I just wish that we could all be kinder to one another and more considerate and tolerant. I wish the world would rid itself of ego and I really wish people would stop hurting animals and exhausting our planet.

X (Exes): I have a few ex boyfriends and everyone of them taught me something. Some are cringeworthy and “what-were-you-thinking?”; but I don’t regret anything as they are part of my story and who I am today.

Yearning: I’m yearning for a really good massage. I’m also yearning for cuddles with my Godson, Gabriel, BFF time with Karolina and my Jozi friends and I’m really excited for my Wedding Day. We still don’t have a date yet, but I’ve got so much to look forward to.

Zodiac Sign: I’m an Aquarian, which is an Air Sign. People often think that the Water Bearer is a water sign, but we’re not and I get on famously with other Air signs – Librans and Geminis!

I’d love to learn more about the ABCs of you – so if you do your own list, please tag me and let me know so I can head over to yours and read 😉

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