Guest Blogger: Karolina Sky

I am very excited to introduce you to my very first guest blogger.

Now this may seem a little biased, but it’s not. OK OK, maybe only a little.

Besides her being my BFF, she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous and the best part about her is that she has the heart of gold that matches her exterior. I may have blogged about her once or twice 😉

Read Here, Here and Here.

Now K is the girl who inspires and motivates me not only as a friend, but in the fitness world too. Just one look at her body and you’ll know what I mean.

I want her abs. Just saying.

She is my gym partner (sometimes – when I’m not cowering away) and boy does she make me work…I mean cry… kidding.

She has recently started a Health and Fitness Blog and I love the honesty, the inspiration and the celebrity regimes.

Does this NOT just inspire you to get down and do 50 push ups immediately?

Say hello to Karolina Sky…


Firstly I am so honoured to be a guest on B’s Blog…

Not only is Bailey my BFF & Soul Sister, but she’s also an incredible inspiration to me, she is the one that pushed me to do a blog and to share my health and fitness tips further…. So Thank you Bailey…my sweet Vanilla Blonde, for being the driving force behind my blog! The response thus far has been phenomenal and I’m so happy and excited that I decided to start my Blog…

It all started with motivational chats, fun gym sessions and diet tips to just a few of my close girl friends as well as some Facebook& Twitter Friends messaging me for advice… that it made me think… We all want that inspiration.

With motivation in mind my post today is about just that! Many of us girlfriends get together and chat about how we “need to go to gym” or how to say no that last delicious slice of cheese cake that stares back at us! So how does one do it??


Here’s my advice on how to start?

The best way to get motivated is to look at those you admire… I love Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson.They happen to be Bailey and my favourites.

They are both gorgeous, funny, down to earth and have the most amazing bodies!!! Every time I see them in a magazine or on TV I think , “Right no more nonsense I want to look LIKE HER!!”

So how do they do it?? I’ve done some research and they don’t just wake up with perfect bodies. They work hard for their figures. These ladies eat right and train hard… and no it’s not just one spinning class 3x a week… These girls train 2-3 hours a day!

I’m not saying we all need to give up our lives & jobs to train for a minimum of 3 hours a day, but what it does show us is that these perfect beings are only human…like you and I. Which means we can do it too! 😉

If we can go to gym at least once a day for 5-6 days a week, 1 hour a day ….JUST 1 HOUR OF YOUR DAY! (Say NO to Bold and Beautiful…Ridge will marry Brooke AGAIN so you’re not missing out!) And if we eat clean, we too can have those gorgeous healthy bodies, glowing skin and the confidence that goes with it to wear that little black number. It’s not much to ask for…1 hour of your 16 hour day sitting on your toosh! No excuses we can all find that 1 hour a day.

Don’t wait for Monday, go to gym today… do 30-40 minutes of cardio and then 20-30 minutes of circuit to wake up all those muscles in your body. If you have more time during the day or your weekend, take your dog for a walk, go to gym with your man or your girl friend, take up cycling…..just get active.

Remember to be conscious of what you put into your body, your body is your temple……look after it.

What would you expect Jessica Alba or Kate Hudson to eat? I doubt we would see either one of them with a Coca Cola in their hand or a beer, They are more likely to be seen with a bottle of water in hand and snacking on some strawberries. I personally find it so inspiring seeing a gorgeous slim girl sipping on water and leaving a gym as opposed to one drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette!  Become who you admire….THAT’S THE BEST MOTIVATION for me 😉

Hope that helps!

If you want honest health & training tips, smart snack and cheat meal ideas, my supplement choice of the week,and to stay motivated and in shape please feel free to pop past my blog and please let me know what you think! Click HERE

Much love



Here’s Jessica Alba’s diet & Training routine 😉

Her diet secret is “portion control” says her trainer in the latest issue of In Touch weekly, and “she knows how to keep her eating habits under control.” “She likes to have dinner out, but will only eat half of the food on the plate.”

In addition to a balanced diet, Jessica also watches her carbs, leaving bread and desserts off the menu. But she doesn’t deprive herself when she gets a particular craving “You need to indulge and have that chocolate cake whenever you feel the need.”

Jessica Alba’s Diet Plan

It’s a South Beach style diet, with lean meats, whole grains, low-fat cheeses, fruits and veggies.

1 cup oatmeal with berries with 3-4 scrambled egg whites when working on the film set.

Salad with 170 gms (6 ounces) of chicken breast or fish (salmon, tuna)

Sashimi or or 170 gms (6 ounces) of petit filet of beef or other lean protein with unlimited veggies and 3 small red potatoes


A handful of almonds or hot air popped popcorn

Jessica Alba’s Work Out 

Jessica is consistent with exercise and focuses on doing a lot of cardio on the treadmill, elliptical or a stationary bike  for 30 minutes four times a week. She also does resistant-training with weights and she does yoga to tone up for her roles in films.

References: Diet Doctor

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