Shopping Heaven: Zara

I was invited to the unveiling of the new and impressive Sandton City section plus the opening of new gorgeous stores such as Thomas Sabo, Superga and Zara.

Yes. ZARA.

I have never experienced this before. I actually walked in and I could swear I heard the clouds part and Angels sing. It was emotional. A happy tear or 2 may have welled up as I experienced 2700 square meters of retail heaven.

I have ALWAYS LOVED Zara clothing, but I’ve only indulged when I’ve gone overseas. I kind of liked the exclusivity of it.

Before it would be:

“Oh I love your dress, where did you get it from?”

I’d secretly love saying (such a brat): “Zara, in Switzerland/Croatia etc..”

Now it will be:

“Oh I love your dress, where did you get it?”


“Oh snap.”

Oh well… I’m much happier that it is here now.

The one thing I was interested in was the prices. Overseas they are really reasonable. Would that be the same here in South Africa?

Can I do a Happy Dance?

Oh wait. I did.

In the store.

Sorry if you saw that. I know you can’t unsee things. Apologies.

They are reasonable (Angels sang again) and I had to remind myself I was in public… in front of cameras and media… I couldn’t just run around like a blonde blur grabbing clothes off racks like I was running a race.

Greg and my dad looked at me like I had lost my marbles. Until they saw the male section. Let’s just say that the first person who bought anything was…ahem… my G!

I walked out with bags swinging, a content look on my face and excited to wear my new coral jacket, red silk dress and green tee (Not all at once. I heard you fashioni-stars gasp.)

The new section is gorgeous… There were bottomless flutes of champagne and plates of Oysters, glamorous people all dressed elegantly with a touch of gold and I have now been introduced to my new home away from home. I think I had better make good friends with my bank manager… and fast!

PS. All photos were taken off Greg’s iPhone. There. I said it. Love, A Blackberry user.


I met an Angel
My dad and I
Um… there is a lady dangling from a giant balloon AND playing the violin in the middle of Santon City.


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