Going Golden

This is my second blog post for the day… BUT YAY for Award Ceremonies and at this time of year, we are bombarded by them. Last night was the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards, held in Beverly Hills.

I love seeing who wins and I love the acceptance speeches – especially when they’re all flustered and keep saying: “Oh my Gaaawd, I just didn’t expect this! Oh this is Such. A. Shock!”

Um. You were nominated. You had a one if 5 or 6 chances. Surely you must have had a small inkling you might just win.


What I really love seeing is the fashion. There are always Hits and Misses.

Reese Witherspoon always wear a gorgeous smile on her face. I like this red but I don’t know if it’s too harsh for her colouring
I really think Angelina Jolie looks gorgeous in this satin dress with red accents.
Brangelina – Brad Pitt sported a cane for his painful ankle injury. They really do look good together.
South African beauty Charlize Theron looked dramatically stunning in Dior. This colour seemed popular on the night. I WANT HER SHOES!!
Dianne Agron looked lovely in this red detailed dress. Unique looking dress.
Elle Macpherson looked amazing. I’m not sure I would have teamed up those bangles with that style dress though.
Emma Stone looked gorgeous in these red and maroon hues. Just lovely with her skin tone.


I love Heidi Klum, but I feel this dress is extremely simple (even though I like the turquoise) and along with her simple hair; I don’t think she got the memo that it’s the Golden Globe Awards.

Jessica Alba in Gucci got it right! Not bad for a mom of 2.
Kate Beckinsale looks stunning in this dress – I have a feeling this may inspire some Wedding Dresses.
Kate Winslet – I actually don’t know what to make of this dress. Um…
Kelly Osbourne – this was a miss for me. Her grey hair and thick, heavy Smurf blue material just didn’t look chic.

Lea Michelle – I actually like this dress. It definitely turned heads and on a red carpet full of designer dresses, that’s what you want.

Michelle Williams looked like an old lady… for someone who played the sexy Marilyn Monroe, I was hoping she would have channeled the siren.
Mila Kunis pitched up in the standard Black dress – pretty but safe.
This looks odd on Natalie Portman. She has a gorgeous figure and yet it’s not entirely flattering. The colour pops though.
Nicole Richie looks gorgeous in this silver dress… the silver panels and bracelets just cross it over from being a little too boring.
Nicole Kidman looks unrecognizable. I had to double check that it’s her… or is it just me? Love her dress. The patterning is classy, well placed and stunning.
Tie Die Sarah Michelle Gellar – it’s a unique dress but for the Golden Globes? Hmmm…
Stacy Keibler and George Clooney look amazing. Simple tuxedo and a simple red dress. Pure elegance.

Who were your favourite looks? Who were you fashion disasters?


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