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Christmas 2011

This was honestly the best Christmas yet. Greg and I are both very family orientated and we’re blessed that we have such amazing families who (on top of it all) get on so well together. Christmas Eve was a day of baking, relaxing and then going around to Greg’s family in the evening. We put the tree up and sat around the tree opening gifts (utterly spoiled.) It was just festive and beautiful. My best was watching little Hailey (Greg’s niece) opening her gifts. I adore her!

Bailey and Hailey <3
Hailey and Chloe the bulldog

It was time for bed, but I was just too excited to sleep and before I knew it, I got woken up in the best possible way, with a whispered: “Merry Christmas, I love you.”

We got dressed quickly and headed over to my family where we enjoyed a breakfast of orange juice and champagne, coffees, the Swiss cake Stollen, Lebkuchen and fruit under the Christmas tree and opened the gifts. Again we got utterly spoiled… So grateful for the thoughts and care taken in each gift being given and received.


Our family Golden Retriever, Jadie

After that, we went back to my apartment where I popped the stuffed Cornish Hen into the oven and got dressed for lunch. My family (The Schneider’s), Greg’s family (The Parkin’s) and my sister’s boyfriends family (The Bruyn’s) gathered together at The Bruyn’s for Christmas lunch. Oh the food, the laughter, the jokes, the joy and the love in that house was just overwhelming. Best Christmas Ever!

Uncle Greg and Hailey

My mom Jenny, sister Tandi and I
Trying to teach Dad “Blue Steel” … um… he’s working on it 🙂
My amazing sister Tandi and I
Kisses under the Misteltoe

My mom Jenny and dad Charles

Lolly, Greg’s mom

Amazing ice bowl with ice cream


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