Christmas Time

I’ve come home for Christmas. I was holidaying in Cape Town and loving every minute of it. I’ll do some posts later on about that…

I spend Christmas with my family and then I fly back to Cape Town to continue my holiday and bring in the New Year in a city I love the most.

It’s amazing to see how quiet Johannesburg is. I actually love Joburg in December… Everyone goes coastal and I love how the streets empty out – no traffic bliss! Although, I do think that the roads are empty because people are either away on holiday or they’re all parked in the shopping malls doing Christmas shopping.

I braved the malls yesterday and while I thought I was sorted for gifts, I hit a few problems. I knew exactly what I wanted to get the very special people in my life – except that there were a few things that have been sold out. Serves me right for leaving it to the last minute. Again.

Each year I say I’ll get my shopping done early. Um. Yes.

One day, when I’m big.

I’ve been catching up with my family, wrapping gifts, watching movies and slowly getting into the Christmas spirit. It’s so weird, this year has flown by so fast, I am still in disbelief that it actually is Christmas in 2 days time.

I really missed Duke while I was away… I mean just look at this face:

So it was a big love session reunion when I got home:

It’s also Duke’s 1st Christmas with us and he’s loving the gift wrapping sessions. As fast as I’m wrapping gifts, he’s trying to steal the ribbon and paper.

I’ve tried to get a Santa hat onto his head, but he doesn’t want to know about it. I’ll have to wait for him to be asleep. Sneaky.

I hadn’t had a Christmas mince pie yet, and just as I was about to enjoy a typical “Santa meal” of Milk and a pie… and Instagram it (obviously)… I suddenly noticed this pink tongue darting out… Busted Duke!

Busted: Duke’s darting tongue

Duke watching Christmas movies (checking out the Golden Retrievers) – Excuse the poor quality, but it was too funny not too post.

I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed and magical Christmas!

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