Britney is back

I’m a massive fan of Britney Spears. Unashamedly and unconditionally. Yes, I said it.

I was 13 when she emerged onto the scene at 15 years old. She had blonde hair and brown eyes – just like I did and at 13 years old, going through puberty and trying to figure out how I fit into a world of blonde hair and blue eyed girls, I just adored her.

I’ve grown up with her… watched her melt down with empathy and never unwavered my support.

I’m thrilled that she is back with a sexy video – with dance moves. Hooray. Her body is just amazing and inspiring – it makes me feel that I too can get my body into prime condition – especially after what she has put hers through.

Hello.. just look at her US cover of Shape in June.

So when I heard…

that she is releasing her 8th album soon and she will be starting her 2 year stint in Las Vegas towards the end of 2013 – now that would be a dream to see her perform!

People are dubbing her video “the sexiest ever”… um, I personally think her I’m a Slave 4U video was sexier, but this one is right up there.

You see Britney wearing bikini’s, studs and PVC, whipping brunette dancers and dancing provocatively above shark infested waters.

The song isn’t ground breaking and it’s not going to win any lyric awards, but it’s catchy, you’ll dance if it plays and what can I say… Britney’s Back!

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