In case you were wondering….

I know a lot of you have been wondering… I am blessed and lucky enough to be living in 2 cities now. It all depends on where work takes me.

At the moment, I am setting up a home in Cape Town. I adore this city and if you have followed my blog for a while, you will know this has always been a dream.

I didn’t make a big announcement, because I haven’t exactly left Johannesburg either. I still have my home there and I will be in Joburg all the time. The irony is I’ll probably be in Joburg more now, than ever before.

This weekend I relaxed. It was pure bliss. I have been so chaotic and crazy at the moment. Moves are not easy and stressful. Being in a new city is overwhelming, but very exciting.

It’s not really slowing down, which is great… but when I get the opportunity to have some downtime, I love it.

This was taken on my Sunday morning walk on The Promenade

Our best faces …

In the meantime, this is what was going on in Johannesburg. “Gran” and “Grandpa” are spoiling Duke ROTTEN! He is certainly the most loved bulldog and my mom and dad have been smitten with him from the moment I got him. Duke has an amazing bond with my whole family.

I’m missing him a lot, but as true “grandparents” do – they are spoiling him so much. How’s that Burberry style jacket my mom bought him? He’s as snug as a bug in it.

We also have FaceTime sessions together.

Yes. I know. I may have officially lost the plot, but I love my Duke so much.

PS. A lot of you are asking about Duke too… Duke has basically lived with me and my family since he was a brand new puppy, when my landlords came back from London last year and I had to move out of my apartment and temporarily back home. He has grown up in a big home and big garden and been with someone (my mom) 24/7 his whole life. My mom and Duke have this amazing bond and mom is like his second mom. I call her Duke’s Gran. She isn’t too fond of that title. Go figure 😉

Selfishly I would love to have Duke with me, but he has grown up in a big home, garden and family. It would be very unfair and selfish of me to now put him in an apartment (with no garden) and I wouldn’t be able to be with him 24/7 while I work.

My mom sends me daily photos and updates and I am very grateful.

It was a heart breaking decision, but I had to do what is right by Duke. Nothing really changes for him –  he’s in his home, with a loving family and as I am in Joburg so often, I will see my boy all the time.


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