Duke’s play date

Friends of mine, Greg and Kath Luck have a bulldog called Alfie. When I was looking for a Bulldog puppy, I fell in love with Alfie’s brindle colour and decided then that I wanted a brindle pup, instead of the red bulldog pups. The search was on!

Greg and Kath have been inviting me round to their place for a year now (time flies) and I finally managed to go through for dinner – thanks for your patience guys!

I took Duke with and was a little nervous to see how they would get on. Technically, they’re 2 males and Duke is going into Alfie’s territory.

After a little growling and sussing each other out on a walk, they soon became best of friends!


Poor Alfie didn’t get a break though – I certainly got the over active bulldog!

In the car
Duke doesn’t drink from his water bowl – he baths in it!
I see they both lie in the Spatchcock Chicken Position

Greg is also an amazing cook and he made us a superb meal – I mean just look at the presentation! I still think he should enter Masterchef or just go ahead and open a restaurant!

Adding the Sturgeon Caviar

Thanks for a great night Lucks!

It turns out that Alfie and Duke were absolutely KO the next day from all the excitement of the night before… He didn’t move the whole day! Greg sent me this photo of Alfie:

This was Duke …

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Love Bailey Schneider

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