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5 great reasons you should have Batiste Dry Shampoo in your life

One of the best beauty products I have is a beauty lifesaver, also known as Batiste Dry Shampoo.

I’ve been a fan of it ever since it came onto Clicks stores.

I have tried several other dry shampoo brands on the market, but I’ve always been left disappointed and I will never ever stray from Batiste again. It’s by far the best, in my tried and tested opinion.

5 Great Reasons you should have Batiste Dry Shampoo in your life.

1. Fragrance and freshness. I love that it comes in different flavours. My favourite has to be the Tropical one. I’ve even been stopped to ask what perfume I’m wearing and on that particular day I had forgotten to put some on, so it took me a while to figure out that what they were smelling was actually my hair. It leaves my hair feeling fresh and not heavy.

2. Roots aren’t so noticeable. I particularly love that it lightens my roots when I haven’t had a chance to get to Scar Hair to be retouched. My brunette friends love that there is a dry shampoo for brunettes, so they aren’t left with a grey-ish/blondish tinge. Batiste have thought of everything.

3. No daily washing. Ever since I started training, I have never used Batiste more. I always shower after a gym session, obviously, but sometimes I can’t always wash my hair – due to time restraints and how long it takes my hair to dry. I also don’t want to wash my hair daily and strip it from it’s natural, healthy oils. A few sprays of the dry shampoo and my hair looks fresh and clean. It’s also a bonus the next morning after a good nights party and I love that it keeps my blow-waves from the hair salon lasting longer.

4. Great texture. You know I’m the biggest fan of braids… Braids work best on a day or 2 day old hair. You need your hair to have a little texture so that the braids hold. Dry shampoo is amazing for body and for texture. There is even one that adds volume, called XXL Volume. Even if my hair is clean, I’ll spray a little dry shampoo to add texture and braid and if my hair is a day or 2 old, the dry shampoo, freshens it and gives texture. Win win.

5. Travel size option. These are super handy and I keep one permanently in my handbag because you never know when a last minute function is going to pop up or when I’ll need my hair to look fresh. It also helps with, well, traveling and is small enough to last a trip and not take up space in your toiletry bag.

If you’ve never used dry shampoo, here are the easy steps. No water required.

1. Shake the can well.

2. Spray your hairline generously and evenly.

3. Brush well to make sure it’s evenly distributed.

4. Pop the lid back on properly. I’ve just found that it can evaporate if you don’t.

Ta da!

Batiste shampoo is available at Clicks and have these ranges.

  • Original – clean and classic
  • Tropical – coconut and exotic.
  • Blush – floral and flirty.
  • Cherry – fruity and cheeky.
  • Fresh – cool and crisp.
  • Paisley – rich and elegant.
  • XXL Volume – big and bouncy.
  • Medium – hint of colour for medium brunette.
  • Dark – hint of colour for dark brunette.

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