Happy Autumn

I am an absolute Summer baby and after experiencing my very first Summer in Cape Town (read first Summer living by the ocean), I have not been ready for Winter to come. 

My first Summer in Cape Town has been pretty incredible

However, one day last week, the weather took a fleeting turn. It was all grey, gloomy and rainy. I actually got a little excited at the idea of pulling out my leather jacket and my ankle boots.

*I heard all the beach lovers gasp! Sorry!*

I actually do enjoy Cape Town’s Winter weather – it certainly has it’s own romance and charm to it.

Lions Head is under all that cloud and mist

I’ve been reading all my favourite international blogs and seeing the excitement about pastels and bikini’s as they gear up to Spring and it almost seems strange that whilst I’ve had one incredible Summer, I feel slightly envious…but then I think about some of my favourite things about Autumn.

New Seasons always bring freshness. They allow you to take stock of what’s happening in your life. I am always inspired to do a bit of a Spring Autumn cleaning with everything.

These are some of my favourite things about Autumn (in no particular order):

I love how the leaves change from lush green to golden and red hues. A lot of our trees and plants are evergreen, but those that do change are just magical.


I love how fresh and crisp the mornings and evenings are becoming. Sure, I’m not loving that the sun is setting earlier and rising later – it throws me off… but most people shudder against them and certainly shy away from them. I like to breathe in deeply and let that crisp, fresh air into my lungs. The air has a different smell to me. I can smell Autumn, just like I can smell Spring.

Cuddles. Sure, I love these all year round, but let’s face it – when it’s boiling hot, it’s not always ideal. Take away a few degrees and suddenly those cuddles are appreciated even more than usual.

The fashion – I love that it’s still warm enough to wear my favourite Summer dresses, but with a chill in the morning and evening air, I love that I can change it up by adding a leather or denim jacket over. Adding a simple chambray shirt also works well. Even boots with jeans or dresses work now. It’s not quite cold enough to pull out the thick jerseys and scarves, but you can definitely mix and match Summer and Winter to be more versatile.

My new boots from Nicci Boutique

Fluffy slippers and pyjamas. If I could spend my life in cute PJs, I would. Hugh Hefner was onto something with his famous robe. Perhaps this Winter season I’ll buy a Onesie. *Maybe.* I can already picture boyfriends unimpressed look. I do love when it starts getting colder and I get to pull on slightly cosier and comfy PJs.

Hot Chocolate – I have the best recipe from my Swiss Gran, which obviously includes Swiss Chocolate. These days though, I’m Banting and trying to be as healthy as possible. I’ve found a great simple and healthy recipe. I have this almost every night now and it fixes any chocolate craving. I’ll post the recipe soon.

Pulling out light throws and blankets in the evenings. I love being covered with a light throw, sipping on Vanilla Tea or Hot Chocolate and watching series/movie or reading my book.

I bought this blanket last Winter when I had just moved to Cape Town – it is honestly one of my best – it’s so soft and cosy.

I have added another blanket to my collection in one of my absolute favourite colours – a minty, turquoise.

Cuddle me

What are some of your favourite things about Autumn?

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